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insect on handAh, summer! There’s nothing I love more than hiking or enjoying a picnic… Oh, buzz off, bug!… Anyway, as I was saying, there’s nothing like camping and… I said buzz off!… The beach and the lake are such great… OUCH!

OK, that hurts. I love summer but I hate insects that sting and bite. It’s a good thing I always have some aloe vera cream with me.

Summer Bugs

Summer is awesome, but unfortunately the flying bugs and creepy-crawlies love it also. I hate being prey
for mosquitoes, biting flies, ants, bees, wasps, spiders and fleas. continue reading…

Sunburned, Peeling FemaleBeach trips and sunbathing are the key ingredients for a great vacation. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of sunburn and, even worse, the dreaded skin peeling that happens after. If your sunscreen didn’t do its job in protecting your skin, or if you stayed too long under the sun, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with peeling.

You need to keep a friend by your side to get you through it: an aloe vera based moisturizer.

Aloe Vera Cream Before Your Skin Starts Peeling

When you get a sunburn, you need to deal with it immediately. Have a cool shower or bath, use a cool and wet compress, and then apply aloe vera cream liberally to the burnt area. This should help put out the fire and start to reduce the redness.

continue reading…

aloe vera plantMany cosmetics can be harmful to the skin. But when it comes to face care, it is even more important to avoid harsh products and use a natural alternative. One of the most popular natural alternatives in the world is aloe vera. It is a plant and its natural extract has been used in medicines and beauty preparations for centuries because of its rejuvenating properties.

With regular use, aloe vera along with other vitamins and nutrients can help dry skin and leave your face silky smooth. It should cause no irritation and people with sensitive skin should immediately notice its soothing benefits. continue reading…

male palm with eczema Experiencing an itching skin rash is not limited to the summer time—especially if the symptoms are caused by a condition called eczema.

This type of skin rash can bring great discomfort and anxiety to the sufferer.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a red, dry, scaly rash that can appear anywhere on the body, although most commonly on the
face, hands, wrists and feet. The skin becomes very inflamed. It is almost always itchy and, when scratched, may start to ooze and crust a little.

continue reading…

blisterBlisters form as a result of the skin’s natural process to repair and protect itself from further damage.

The bubble of fluid that accumulates under the outer layer of skin also protects the site from infection.

If you can avoid it, you should not pop or burst a blister.

If you do, this will cause the fluid containing your skin cells’ natural antibodies to drain out, leaving your skin defenseless against infection.
continue reading…

dry handsDry and cracked hands can be unattractive and also downright uncomfortable, especially during a harsh winter or if you work with your hands a lot.

When hands dry out and the skin cracks on the knuckles, people try many different ideas and products, many of which are either fads or overpriced cons.

But aloe vera moisturizers are what many people keep reaching for, time and again, because they report great results.

When Dry Hands Go From Bad to Cracked

If you live in a place that experiences harsh winters continue reading…

aging skinA youthful glow is not obtained, or maintained, overnight.

It needs care and work, especially as we get older and our skin starts to show signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines, loss of elasticity and age spots.

For centuries, people have turned to aloe vera. With a nickname like “the plant of immortality”, it is easy to understand why.

Aloe Vera’s Observed Effects on Wrinkles

Instead of searching for the fountain of youth by paying big bucks to cosmetic brands with slick advertising campaigns, there are very good reasons why continue reading…

Men's skin careDaily skin care is no longer the exclusive domain of women and girls. Research has shown that women are more drawn to men who take pride in their appearance, including their skin. More and more men are realizing the benefits of daily cleansing and moisturizing.

We know that aloe vera moisturizers have many benefits for the skin and there is no doubt it can be a major part of men’s regular facial care.

Guys, just clean your face and put it on. Nothing simpler.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Men

To look your best, it is no longer just a matter of being well dressed and having your hair groomed nicely. To complete the package, you need to continue reading…

Woman Sweating Very Badly Under ArmpitSummer time brings heat, sweat and sometimes that very uncomfortable phenomenon called sweat chafing.

That redness between your thighs, or under your armpits or breasts, can sting a little for a while or it can be downright angry and nasty all day long.

And as you keep sweating and the skin keeps rubbing, it just gets worse.

Your friend, aloe vera, may help put out the fire and get things back to normal.

Sweat Chafing: Discomfort Almost Anywhere

Sweating in the summer is pretty standard, especially when you continue reading…

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