To All Corium 21 Customers

Please take the time to read an important message from the owner
regarding unauthorized sellers of Corium 21

It has recently come to our attention that unauthorized persons are selling very old and tainted jars of Corium 21 online from a shipment that we, the manufacturer refused delivery on in the year 2000. It was refused then as it did not pass our quality control and was not to the standard to which we would allow our customers to use.

As near as we have been able to ascertain – this batch of poor quality product from the year 2000 has now been sold out the back door at auction; to the unscrupulous sellers who are currently advertising on Amazon and EBay.

They are NOT authorized Distributors of Corium 21 and this batch of product should never have been placed on the market for sale to anyone. It was a defective batch when it was produced and that would never have been sold to our customers – it certainly has not improved over the past 14 years.

The names of the specific unauthorized sellers who are offering this tainted batch of product are:

Genuine and Original Only Superstores located on Amazon
Liquidatorsgallery located on EBay

Should you have already purchased from either of these sellers, please demand a full refund from them via their sites on Amazon and EBay. We would also appreciate if it you expressed your displeasure with Amazon and EBay for allowing these unauthorized sellers to sell this product and the lack of protection provided their customers by allowing uninspected product to be sold via these sites. Both Amazon and EBay have been informed these are not authorized Distributors of Corium 21 and are selling defective product also not authorized by Corium 21 Inc.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please rest assured that only first quality product will ever be sold via this website or from the offices of Corium 21 and their family of licensed Distributors. As always, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on any product purchased from us that you are not completely thrilled with.

THANK YOU For taking the time to read this message and for the loyalty and trust you have bestowed on our company.

The Owner’s and Management of Corium 21 Inc.

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