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Ashy Skin

Beautiful African American womanWhy do people of color sometimes have “ashy” skin on their elbows, knees, heels or other parts of the body?

Actually, ashy skin is just dry skin. And people of all colors are subject to dry skin.

It’s just that very dry skin tends to turn a white or grayish color which is why it is referred to as “ashy,” and this shows up more on darker complexions because of the contrast in color.

When the skin doesn’t have enough natural water, the outer layer gives off too much moisture which causes the skin to lose its supple, smooth texture and appear dry, flaky and rough.

Handling Dry, Ashy Skin

Anything you use to try and get rid of ashy skin should be very mild and must moisturize the skin.

“My skin literally used to be so dry it hurt, and nothing worked. After a few days using Corium – I use it everywhere, including my face, I was shocked at how much better my skin felt. I’ve used it religiously ever since.” – Karen

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