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Woman Sweating Very Badly Under ArmpitSummer time brings heat, sweat and sometimes that very uncomfortable phenomenon called sweat chafing.

That redness between your thighs, or under your armpits or breasts, can sting a little for a while or it can be downright angry and nasty all day long.

And as you keep sweating and the skin keeps rubbing, it just gets worse.

Your friend, aloe vera, may help put out the fire and get things back to normal.

Sweat Chafing: Discomfort Almost Anywhere

Sweating in the summer is pretty standard, especially when you continue reading…

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stretch marksStretch marks are a woman’s worst enemy, especially during and after pregnancy, or during other times of weight gain and growth.

However, the fact is that stretch marks can form whether women like it or not. While there is no known “cure”, avoiding stretch marks in the first place should be the aim. By using a high-quality aloe vera cream, you can help lessen their appearance.

The Truth About Stretch Marks

continue reading…

beautiful skin The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is designed to act as a barrier between the inner tissues and the outside environment.

It assists in the regulation of body temperature and protects against a multitude of toxins.

An effective cosmetic must be able to penetrate the skin so that its beneficial ingredients can continue reading…

Person with plaque psoriasis of the arm As many as 7.5 million people in the U.S. suffer with psoriasis. The irritated, red, scaly skin is annoying, itchy and even painful.

Anyone of any age may experience the symptoms, though the most common age range for onset of the condition seems to be between 15 and 25.

Causes of Psoriasis and What to Watch Out For

First and foremost, know that psoriasis is not continue reading…

campfire smoresSunburn is not the only kind of burn that summer can bring.

Should you burn yourself on the barbecue or campfire, for example, reach for the aloe vera and other botanicals such as: vitamin A, collagen, allantoin, niacin, ginseng, comfrey, green tea extract, several other leaf extracts and antiseptic rose hip oil.

The Sun is Not the Only Thing that Burns in Summer

Most of us have experienced a minor burn. Thermal burns are very common and can be caused by touching a hot pot on the stove, reaching for something too close to an open flame, or spilling a hot drink. Then there are burns from tinkering with the lawnmower or boat engine, or getting scalded by steam.

All of these can happen in summer when you’re enjoying life outdoors. Burns happen all the time with barbecues, campfires, firepits, toasted marshmallows, outdoor cooking and fireworks.

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aloe vera creamIs it really necessary to have a different moisturizer for each part of your body?

Night cream, day cream, hand and nail lotion, face cream, body butter, foot rub, after-sun lotion.

The All-Around Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Among all natural ingredients used in beauty products, aloe vera seems to be one of the few with properties that benefit all the areas of the skin. It truly is a versatile ingredient.

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Aloe vera creamFrom infancy to old age, from acne to dry skin, your skin is constantly changing.

Aloe Vera is Gentle Enough for Babies and Children

A baby has the most beautiful skin. We all want that complexion. Yet, baby skin is incredibly delicate and sensitive. With only natural ingredients, and without the nasty chemical ingredients, Corium 21 is safe and gentle enough for a baby. It’s great for diaper rash and also for bonding time during a massage on the change table.

As a child grows older, aloe vera cream is still the gentle go-to lotion for moisturizing, applying to cuts and
insect bites, and for after-sun soothing.

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age spotsNobody wants to get older. If only there really was a fountain of youth, because people these days seem to go to extreme lengths to stay looking young.

One of the more visible signs of age, besides wrinkles and gray hair, is age spots.

But before thinking of chemical treatments or expensive procedures to reduce these blemishes, think first about a high-quality aloe vera cream to nourish, moisturize and clear up your skin.

What are Age Spots?

As a person ages, age spots are those brown patches that appear on the hands, legs, arms, neck and face. They aren’t dangerous, they just interrupt the complexion. Even if a person can minimize wrinkles, those spots are a giveaway about age.

They are almost always a legacy of sun exposure over continue reading…

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