insect on handAh, summer! There’s nothing I love more than hiking or enjoying a picnic… Oh, buzz off, bug!… Anyway, as I was saying, there’s nothing like camping and… I said buzz off!… The beach and the lake are such great… OUCH!

OK, that hurts. I love summer, but I hate insects that sting and bite. It’s a good thing I always have some aloe vera cream with me.

Summer Bugs

Summer is awesome, but unfortunately, the flying bugs and creepy-crawlies love it also. I hate being prey
for mosquitoes, biting flies, ants, bees, wasps, spiders, and fleas. continue reading…

age spotsNobody wants to get older. If only there really was a fountain of youth, because people these days seem to go to extreme lengths to stay looking young.

One of the more visible signs of age, besides wrinkles and gray hair, is age spots.

But before thinking of chemical treatments or expensive procedures to reduce these blemishes, think first about a high-quality aloe vera cream to nourish, moisturize and clear up your skin.

What are Age Spots?

As a person ages, age spots are those brown patches that appear on the hands, legs, arms, neck, and face. They aren’t dangerous; they just interrupt the complexion. Even if a person can minimize wrinkles, those spots are a giveaway about age.

They are almost always a legacy of sun exposure over continue reading…

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