allergic rash dermatitis An itching or burning rash can drive you nuts. Whether it’s on your hands, your face, your torso, your feet, or anywhere else, it makes it tough to concentrate on, well, anything.

Poison ivy, hives, eczema (dermatitis), psoriasis, itching skin, fungal problems, … they can make us crazy.

You need some relief. But do you have one product in your cabinet that is OK to apply to all areas of your skin? You do if you have Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream.

Aloe Vera = Cool Relief

Whether your rash is a reaction to something you got on your skin or brushed against, or is caused by the bacteria in sweat, or developed through chafing and friction, nature provides assistance. The aloe vera plant is renowned for being soothing and effective, both inside and outside the body. continue reading…

First aid kit.Ah, Spring! And here comes Summer! Gone are the heavy coats and the long pants. It’s time for sunshine and the great outdoors.

Better make sure you have some aloe vera cream in your first aid kit for everything life in the sun can bring.

What Spring and Summer Can Bring

In the warmer months, we wear lighter and fewer clothes, exposing our skin more.

We spend much more time outside and engage in more vigorous activities. Children and adults alike are thus more prone to continue reading…

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