Corium 21 Distributors

Has the time come to stop working for others, and start working for you?

Financial independence is rarely achieved as an employee of others.

A look around your own neighborhood while asking the question “Who is the most well-off person on my block?” The answer will almost always be: The person who owns their own business.

Corium 21 has been placing others in their own, extremely lucrative, careers for over 25 years.  

CORIUM 21 Distributorships may be available in your area.


  1. $10,000 cash investment for initial product purchase.
  2. Further investments for signage, brochures, entrance fees into selling venues.
  3. Ability to hire and train others as salespeople.
  4. Creation of your own website for reorders.
  5. Toll free phone number for reorders
  6. Must be highly ethical.

If the time has come for financial independence; this may be for you.

We will only grant Distributorships to the most qualified for success.

Call us 1-800-319-5114 or fill out the form below.

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