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Amazing Results!!

Dear Makers of Corium 21,

Thank you. We came here on vacation. I forgot my prescription & Vioxx. I take 2 daily for arthritis. We left on Saturday. By Sunday I was in terrible pain.

We took a short walk to each lunch and ran into a lady representing and demonstrating Corium 21. My hands hurt, she put some cream on and rubbed it in. It felt so cooling. She talked about 7 layers deep. By the time she was finished talking, my hands stopped hurting.

That night I rubbed all sore spots and had a wonderful night’s sleep. On Monday I ran into the lady on the Desert Passage trail and told her I was able to walk everywhere in 107 degree heat!

I recommended this to my husband for jock itch after a walk!

Amazing results! He asked if he could use the cream before our walk on Tuesday for prevention!!!

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