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Glowing Skin in 5 Days

There is nothing that I could possibly say, do, give or write to your company that would even come close to adequately portraying my gratitude. This cream has single-handedly changed my life. About 3 years ago, at 24 years of age, I developed acne Rosacea. Beyond it being devastating, my eczema (which I have had my entire life) flared up as well behind my ears and on my neck. Any kind of lotion (no matter how gentle, organic, etc.) broke me out and made my skin (and depression) worse.

When I found your station at the local county fair, I was literally at my wits end. Within 5 minutes of speaking with the lovely saleswoman, I was in tears. Not only did I buy a big jar of it, I bought some for my 2 teenage sisters who are both suffering from body and facial acne. Within 5 DAYS of use, my skin was glowing. I was so happy, I would wake up in the middle of night and go to the mirror to make sure that it was really happening and this wasn’t a dream. My skin looks like it is glowing from within.

Moisture has naturally regained, redness has subsided and all of the little bumps on my face are no longer there. My sister’s acne on her chest is gone and my other sister’s facial acne has dramatically improved. I cannot believe I was paying $100 for 1.7 oz of facial cream and it did nothing but make my symptoms worse!

Corium 21 has been heaven sent and after finishing one big jar and 3 months of consistent facial use – I can attest that this works! Please give it a try and get your life, happiness and sense of confidence back.

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