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I Could Feel It Working Immediately.

When a friend of mine commented that my skin looked “airbrushed” I felt it was time to write you a letter.

I purchased Corium 21 just two weeks ago. Originally my motivation was for the sole purpose of getting the cream for my teenage son’s acne problem. After he used the product for just one day, I could already see an improvement in his skin. The redness toned down almost immediately and his pimples started to shrink.

Now, two weeks later, his skin is nearly completely clear. He is almost thirteen years old after all, and tends to forget or fight me about it. If he used it twice a day as recommended, his skin would already be totally clear.

My daughter, almost 10 years old, had been using the cream twice a day for two weeks on her hands to clear up her warts. She is thrilled that they are flattening out and appear to be shrinking. For her, the cream has been a dream come true. It is so easy to use and the results are quick.

I decided to use it on my face.

Immediately I could feel it working. I am 42 years old and look much younger. I thought my skin was at its best when I began using Corium 21. I was wrong. My skin, which was plagued with skin problems including acne until I was 40 years old, started to glow.

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