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I’m an ardent fan of Corium 21

I started using Corium 21 after seeing it at the OC Swap Meet many, many years ago. An interesting story….we were at the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago and a small boy had fallen into some cactus. He was screaming bloody murder. I happened to have one of the small “sample” jars of Corium 21 in my purse (never go anywhere without it), and I asked the mother if I could put some on his injuries. She agreed…..the boy stopped crying immediately. The next day, we saw the family again, and they asked what it was that I put on their son’s arms. I told them it was Corium 21, and they immediately asked where they could get it. I gave them your website. I don’t know if they ever bought any, but I know one very small little boy who was eternally grateful to you for taking the sting out of a very painful injury.

It was really great to see that Corium 21 was able to take pain away from a small child. Falling into a cactus is NOT a fun thing, and it hurts!! His parents were hysterical and not able to stop his screaming and crying. I was glad that I was there to help and that I carried that small jar in my purse for things such as this.

I’m an ardent fan of Corium 21. In fact, I plan to put in an order within the next week or so (have to wait until my paycheck comes in). I did just give a small amount to a friend who had bug bites (possibly mosquito) on her waist, and she said that they went away the next day!!! She was also amazed

In addition, my poor dog had some ezcema on her skin of her hip, and I used some Corium 21 on her…..amazingly enough (or maybe not), it worked miracles and it went away within a day or so. So, it even works on non-human subjects (LOL). Could be a whole new area to explore!

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