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It Is Truly a “Miracle”!

Ever since I was a baby and going to kindergarten in Philadelphia PA, I used to try and have fun with the other kids playing ring around the rosy and no one would hold my hands due to the fact that I had eczema on my wrists and both hands.

My mother used to make me soak in oatmeal to relieve the pain and itching but to no avail. So many medicines and many dermatologists over the years did not help at all. I remember one movement that caused a lot of pain was just trying to make a fist, because of all the dried and racking skin, which also led to bleeding knuckles.

My boyfriend tried using the pulp of an aloe plant, it helped to some extend. Then he went online and looked under Aloe Cream. That is where he found Corium 21 and we decided to order your product.

Within 3 days of receiving Corium 21 my hands are as smooth as glass. My manicurist, friends and family all noticed how incredibly different and smooth my hands are now.

My worst part was being embarrassed by my hands in public, which is no longer the case due to Corium 21.

It is truly a “MIRACLE”.

– I wanted to add my input as I am Lynn’s boyfriend and your product is definitely a Miracle. I cannot believe the difference in such a short time.

Her hands are smooth… I remember last winter that I was afraid to hold her hands because of the brittleness of the area around her knuckles, they were so chapped and bleeding. Now all of that has gone away, she is so happy and so am I.

Thank you so very much.

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