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No More Red Blotches!!

I recently attended my local fair with my mom and sister who both love to walk through the hall with all the various products on display. They stopped at your booth to talk to the sales rep and I ended up getting dragged into having a sample of your cream put on my hands.

I began having really bad acne about 2 years ago when I turned 20 and started cycling… the sweaty helmet.

My problem only got worse to where it wasn’t even worth trying to cover up with makeup. I’ve tried every 3 step program sold in stores with no help whatsoever.

My mom and sister decided to buy your product and the rep gave me a free sample jar along with 2 more for my family for being a good sport. This was Tuesday, today is Saturday. I’ve used the cream twice a day and I am already amazed at how my skin looks.

I am an EMT on an ambulance as well as an Army Cadet where sweat and dirt are constant along with my bicycle helmet. Yesterday I noticed that after sitting in my ambulance for over 10 hours of 105 degree weather that my face was not oily. And I discovered a joyous fact that I had no new break outs and that my face didn’t have red blotches!!! (First day in 2 years).

I am going to commit to your product and will be taking it with me when I go out on a 10-day field training exercise as part of a 30-day camp where the only method of washing up is baby wipes or rain. Thanks for creating this product for those who are not blessed with perfect skin.

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