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“You Have to try this cream”

About 25 years ago, I was living in Huntington Beach, CA and went with my mom to a farmer’s market in Newport Beach. As I was walking I stopped at a tent selling hand/body cream (Corium 21) and the woman asked if I wanted to buy it, I said I had enough cream at home. She said, What have you got to lose? Just try it. I said okay and it was amazing, I never felt cream like it, so I ran and got my mom and told her, “You HAVE to try this cream”, so she came with me, LOVED Corium 21 and the rest is history. We always make sure we are stocked with Corium 21 and have been using it everyday since that day 25 years ago.

Another time I burned my hand on the iron, I washed my hands and immediately applied Corium 21, by the second day there was no trace of the burn. This product is amazing. We’ve also been telling people and giving them samples in little jars, many called and ordered more.

Thanks so much for making such a great product!!

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