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Using Corium 21 For 5 Years Now

I received your letter dated 4/29 welcoming me to the Corium 21 world. I”ve actually been a part of your world for about 5 years now. I first found you at my herb shop. Then I found you at our Del Mar or Southern California County Fair where I would buy what I thought would be a year’s supply.

I introduced it to my daughter and now two of us use the product. We love it! Lucky daughter…..at 23 years old she has years of a great product. At 57, I am playing catch up! hahahahaha

With two of us using the product we usually buy twice a year. Support the fair and then buy as Christmas gifts. I think knowing we have you, gives us more freedom to use it liberally on other parts of our body, not just our face.

Corium 21 works wonders after a day in the sun!

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