Testimonials about Arthritis

Joint Pain gone in 5 Minutes

Pete Ochineo of CA, Sacramento - Arthritis, Cracked Skin, Inflamed Joints, Rough Hands

My skin was very dry and cracked from my work as a mechanic and ceramic tile setter. The skin is painful from cracks. I’ve tried prescription cream from my doctor to no avail. I tried your skin cream on my skin. It absorbed into the skin and in 5 minutes I was able to bend fingers, and skin appeared to smooth. This is the only product that has ever helped.

This Cream Is Great

Judy Jackson or NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis, Bruises

To Whom It May Concern: I stand a lot on my job and after 1/2 hour my knee would just kill me because I have arthritis in both knees. I started to use your skin cream on my knees before I would go to work, now I can stand for at least 4 1/2 to 5 hours before they start to hurt. It is great. I also used it on a terrible bruise and in six days it was gone.

I Am So Amazed

Kathy G. Hanne of UT, Salt Lake City - Arthritis

I have one knee with severe arthritis and one with slight arthritis. After walking all over Las Vegas for the last five hours, both were feeling very swollen and sore. I had the skin cream rubbed into the severe knee and within just two or three minutes, it was very, very, very comfortable. And now it feels better than my mildly affected knee. I am so amazed.

Amazing Results!!

Sandra P. Sonich of CA - Arthritis, Jock Itch

Dear Makers of Corium 21, Thank you. We came here on vacation. I forgot my prescription & Vioxx. I take 2 daily for arthritis. We left on Saturday. By Sunday I was in terrible pain. We took a short walk to each lunch and ran into a lady representing and demonstrating Corium 21. My hands hurt, she put some cream on and rubbed it in. It felt so cooling. She talked about 7 layers deep. By the time she was finished talking, my hands stopped hurting. That night I rubbed all sore spots and had a wonderful night's sleep. On Monday I ran into the lady on the Desert Passage trail and told her I was able to walk everywhere in 107 degree heat! I recommended this to my husband for jock itch after a walk! Amazing results! He asked if he could use the cream before our walk on Tuesday for prevention!!!

No More Pain Overnight

Cindy Myer of CA, Fontana - Arthritis

I have arthritis in my hand. When I sleep it curls up. In the morning it won't open up. I tried some of this cream one night. The next morning my hand was not curled up at all and no pain. Thank you.

Arthritis Pain Is Gone

Lind Skemer of NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis

Fantastic product – my wrists are severely pained by arthritis. Your skin cream has been a great relief. I encourage people to try this wonderful product. The arthritis felt less painful after applying cream. Phenomenal Product!

Relief from Lupus and Arthritis!

JoAnn Warren of IL - Arthritis, Inflamed Joints, Lupus

I have Lupus, Arthritis (3 kinds) – Osteo, Inflammatory, Rheumatoid. I can feel an immediate difference when using Corium on my pain area. This is great! P.S. I felt relief right away on the pain area of my thumb! It penetrated right away!

Soft Skin in Texas

Lisa & Mickey Robertson of TX - Arthritis, Very Dry Skin

I tried the skin cream and loved it – I'm from Texas and my skin gets very dry – so after the application my hands felt very soft. Also my husband tried and loved it as well – he has arthritis and was able to bend and close his hand for the first time in a long time. We are very pleased!

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