Testimonials about Burn & Sunburns

Barbara Maietta

It worked wonders in a very short length of time! I had severe radiation burns and the Corium 21 relieved the pain and redness in less than 2 weeks. The radiation people were shocked at my rapid healing. I did not use it until the last week of my treatments tho, as they may not have approved of it. -Barbara

2nd Degree Burn

Lovin S.

I have been a Corium customer since 2006. I rave about Corium to ALL of my friends and family. Last year I had a friend call me, frantic and her young daughter burning her stomach as she pulled HOT liquid out of the microwave. She was terrified. She asked me if the Corium would soothe the burn. Of course I told her to get some medical attention but that the Corium would certainly soothe it. She called me back 3 weeks later and told me that her daughters stomach had scabbed over within 3 days of the burn and now looks like it did prior to the burn. No scar left or anything. I don't know if she's a customer now but I know it has made me even more proud to be a customer.

Thank you Corium21!

First Cream I Am Not Allergic To

Rose Register of TX, El Paso - Allergic Rash, Sunburn

I have been allergic to so many creams over the years that I've become very frustrated with them. I bought Corium 21 last year and I have returned for more. I use it on my whole body as well as my face, and it has been a great for relief for heat rash.

Sunburn My Sunburn Did Not Peel!


I thought you'd like to know about an amazing experience I had when using your cream Corium 21. I got sunburn but it didn't peel! I went sunbathing and didn't use any sun lotion (or any other lotion that morning) because I thought I would rotate from back to front and turn my face. Also, I wanted to get a tan. I ended up with quite a sunburn on my face and a small sunburned area on my back. I used the Corium 21 that night, as usual. By the next day my face was very red and hot. I put the Corium 21 on my face about three times and again two or three times the next day. It felt very soothing. By the 3rd day I had a very nice tan and my face did not peel at all! I did not put any cream on my back and it did peel! In the past I would have looked awful with peeling skin for several days. I know the lack of peeling was entirely due to using Corium 21. Thank you for sharing this product with me. Love, Marilyn

I Was So Impressed

B Hickman of CA, La Jolla - Sunburn

I am very pleased with the results I have obtained, noting rapid growth of new, healthy tissue in a relative short time. I was so impressed with the rejuvenating properties of your product that I recommended it to my physical therapist and several of her clients.

They were sufficiently impressed with the results I had to make several copies of my brochure so they can order the product as well. Further, I plan to demonstrate how well your product has done when I visit my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Balourdas of La Jolla, Ca, when I visit him next week.

In view of the excellent results I have received using your product, I am ordering two more 8oz containers of Corium 21 Skin Healing Cream in anticipation of surgery on my left hand in the very near future.

New Glow on my Face

Esy Ray of CO, Greeley - Rough Hands, Sunburn

For years I spent a fortune on expensive face products. I gave them all up and now only use your skin cream. I have received so many compliments on the new glow on my face. Also, my husband is very light skinned and loves the outdoors. With this product he is able to spend more time outdoors without worrying about skin damage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about protecting their skin.

Helps with Tough Sun Damage

Nancy Armour of AZ, Tucson - Rough Hands, Sunburn

I found the Aloe Skin Healing Cream in Tucson, AZ where I'm in the sun everyday playing golf. The sun as anyone knows is "tough" on the skin and the aloe is healing. I've been using the cream now for over a year and would recommend it to anyone. My sister-in-law is now with me and she just bought the large (8oz) jar after trying it just once. Try it, you'll love it!

Prevents Winter Damage

Beth Mimil of CO - Denver Sunburn, Windburn

This works great! My dad bought it for me as I try everything for my skin. Your skin cream is the only thing that I have ever found that works in the winter. Believe me!

Laser Surgery no longer Necessary

Richard Carr of CO, Boulder City - Stretch Marks, Sunburn

I have lived in the Desert Sun (Las Vegas) 18 years and flown corporate jets out of here for 18 years. A sun damaged bald head was headed to the Dermatologist again. I started using your skin cream religiously on bad scaly spots and 3 months later the Dermatologist said that laser surgery was not necessary and to "keep doing what I was doing!"

Incredible Results with Sun Damage

Sherri K of CA, - Sunburn

Just wanted to let you know that I bought your product at a street fair. I recently started using it on my face and chest nightly and have seen incredible results in the fine lines on my face and my sun-damaged chest. I keep it refrigerated and it is like a dream putting it on at night before I go to bed. I am ordering more of this amazing cream and will not stop using it. Thanks!

Keeps Eczema on my Fingers from Flaring Up and Heals Them

Anonymous - Dry Skin, Eczema, Sunburn

I was visiting San Diego last year and found your product. This stuff is AMAZING. Keeps excema on my fingers from flaring up. Fixes them if it does. Noticeable improvement on my face in regards to skin not being dry, nice even coloring, younger tighter looking skin and even the depth of beginning lines on my face are so improved I don’t even notice them anymore. And sunburn? what sunburn? If I get a little too much sun and then use this cream, by the time I wake up nothing but tan is left. I just can’t get enough of it. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I'm going to save up and start buying by the gallons!!.

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