Testimonials about Dry Skin

Stretch Marks are Gone

Carolyn Murphy of CA, San Diego - Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

I came a year ago with some friends and bought your cream. I used it on my toes and heels because they were very very dry. After one application my feet felt SO much better. One of the sales reps told me to use it on my stretch marks and after 6 months the stretch marks are GONE. I have never used a product that did wonders like this one! I have all my friends hooked on this product!

Corium has Literally Improved my Quality of Life!

Karen - Abrasions, Allergic Rashes, Very Dry Skin

Hello Corium 21, I have now been a customer for over a year, and I’ve never been happier with any product I’ve ever purchased. I have had chronic itchy, flaky skin my entire life, and have used prescription medication and skincare.

My skin literally used to be so dry it hurt, and nothing worked. After a few days using Corium – I use it everywhere, including my face, I was shocked at how much better my skin felt. I’ve used it religiously ever since.

My skeptic husband has a chronic allergy rash and takes medication for it. He “ho hummed” my suggestion at trying Corium, but he finally did, and my dermatologist wanted to know what I was using! I even used it on an abrasion on my puppy – no infection and it cleared up quickly.

Thank you – Corium has literally improved my quality of life.

Relief from Lupus

Debbie Wong of CA, Rosemead - Lupus, Very Dry Skin

Hi Corium 21. I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago. Along with that I also have Beynaud’s syndrome. My hands are very dry and swell up and they also get very cold and turn white. I’ve been using your skin cream for about a year and have found a tremendous difference in my hands. I really love the product and won’t use anything else.

Works for Everything!

Kim - Allergic Rashes, Cuts, Very Dry Skin

I started using Corium 21 about 9 years ago, the first jar I purchased from a woman at the Oracle County Swap Meet. I have been hooked every since. Corium is miraculous! I tell everyone I know and we’re all using it. Now I just come here to place my order and go. My husband is a surfer and swears by it for his arms, chest and stomach rashes. I have the world’s driest skin ever and without Corium I scratch myself raw and bleed. I use it on and for everything and the best part is that it works on and for everything! Love your product!

Wonderfully Clear Complexion

Tera Cowee - Chapped Lips, Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

Corium 21 is truly AMAZING! Year after year of trying numerous topical, several oral prescription medications, visiting three different dermatologists–Corium 21 proved to be all I needed to clear up my face and give me a wonderfully clear complexion. I’ve been using Corium 21 religiously for over a year now and truly cannot imagine going a day without it! The one-ounce sample I originally tried was the perfect size for traveling as much a I do as a salesperson! I cannot tell you to how many friends I have raved about Corium 21! I hope they continue to use your product. Thank you very much!

Smooth Skin without Greasy Feeling

Deon Chicago of Birmingham - Very Dry Skin

I have always suffered with dry skin. Most skin lotions only relieved the dryness temporarily. This lotion left my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy after just one application. I am very impressed by this product.

Wonderful Cream

Bob & Sarah Hill of IL, Springfield - Chapped Skin, Very Dry Skin

I bought the cream for my wife. She loves it, but I've decided that I do too! We've used it on hands, face and rough cracked feet. Wonderful!

Relief from Scratching

Michelle Clayton of NV, Las Vegas - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

After a week of using your cream I no longer have dry arms and hands. Even after washing my hands they stay silky smooth. My boyfriend also uses your skin cream on his dry back and sides. We are relieved from the scratching he'd go through before he'd go to bed. Your cream is a wonderful healing cream. Thanks.

Great for Outdoors

Mogare Storza - Very Dry Skin

I have used your product for 1.5 months every day. I have not only enjoyed the product, it actually works on my dry skin. I work outdoors and I have tried every product but have found this one to be the best. I originally purchased in Los Angeles and since then I have seen your product in many cities – I'm happy to know I can get it easily. Thank You. P.S. My husband really likes the smell!

Moist skin in Desert Winds

Wendy Caola of CA, Elk Grove - Very Dry Skin

Hi! I'm visiting Las Vegas from Elk Grove, California. My hands and face dried out from the desert winds. I tried a sample of your skin cream on my hands. I walked around for 1 hour. My hands stayed moist so I returned and bought the product. Now each night I wear it on my face going to bed and put it on after my shower in the morning. I feel so much better. My skin is so much smoother. I love this product!

Softening of the Hands

Dagnaf & John Hart of AZ, Tucson - Very Dry Skin

We purchased a small cream 2 days ago and after great results from only 3 uses I came back today to purchase a large jar. The softening of the hands is just remarkable. Thank you.

Great Improvement in Skin Texture

Anonymous of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

I have always had dry skin and I have tried many products to soften my face, hands and feet. I have also been experiencing acne break-outs. Since I have been using your skin cream I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin. I have also noticed my acne heals much more quickly. I have come back for another jar because I am afraid to be without it. I highly recommend this product and have become a user for life.

Moist and Smooth skin

Harriet Gnoya of CA, Long Beach - Very Dry Skin

I have used your skin cream for about a year. I had very dry skin, especially on my face. I started using this product and my skin is moist and smooth. I am 59 years old and my skin now feels like it did 20 year ago.

Relief from Calloused Skin

Philip & Jeannie Guerrero of CO, Vail - Very Dry Skin

My husband is a carpet installer. His hands are knees were very dry and calloused. Just one use of this product and we were SOLD. Everything he has used in the past has failed. We live in Colorado in the mountains (Vail) where it is very dry as well.

Fountain of Youth

Kim. L. Wallen of CA, Canyon Country - Very Dry Skin

I had purchased the "fountain of youth," Corium 21, for dry patches on my arm. I only applied it one time and the dry patches have disappeared. I would recommend this product for dry skin.

Psoriasis Relief

Karen Thuran of MI, Bay City - Itching Skin, Psoriasis, Very Dry Skin

6 weeks ago I started using your skin cream – I have psoriasis – medications from the doctor have not touched it. My psoriasis was hot red and itches. Your skin cream is clearing my skin up and itching has stopped. I have extremely dry skin but your skin cream has greatly improved this problem.

It Really Works For Me

Pam Carruthers of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

Your skin cream really works for me. I used it about one week and could already see results on acne and dry skin. Always good. Buying more! Thanks

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