Testimonials about Psoriasis

To my delight – it was 100 times better than expected!


I really love Corium 21. It is the only thing that I have found that tames the psoriasis I get on my hands. My hands (fingers) have been cracking open especially during the winter months since I was a teenager. I'm a very outdoorsy woman and I really don't make the situation any better!

My first experience with Corium 21 was buying a jar from a lady at a 4th of July vendors market. ...when you are desperate...you'll fork out the money just in the hope that the product is 1/2 as good as claimed.To my delight - it was 100 times better than expected!

I Believe This Cream Does Wonders!

Rose Haylon of CA, Burbank - Acne, Bruises, Cuts

I have acne on my forehead and I tend to breakout on my back. I've seen many dermatologists for my skin condition and I have never achieved as fast results as with your skin cream.

From the first time of usage I noticed a difference that no other expensive medication has ever done for me. About a month into using the cream my acne condition has lessened. I am truly impressed with the results of this cream, it feels like a miracle.

Also, I have psoriasis on my elbows and knees. After usage of your skin cream, I have realized that the condition has indeed drastically improved.

In addition, I used your skin cream on cuts, scrapes and even a bruise I once had which this cream has gotten rid of practically overnight. I am 17 years old and have been using your skin cream for over a month and a half now and I believe this cream does wonders.

It really has worked for my skin and I am utterly impressed with the results. It is really worth a try.

Psoriasis Relief

Karen Thuran of MI, Bay City - Itching Skin, Psoriasis, Very Dry Skin

6 weeks ago I started using your skin cream – I have psoriasis – medications from the doctor have not touched it. My psoriasis was hot red and itches. Your skin cream is clearing my skin up and itching has stopped. I have extremely dry skin but your skin cream has greatly improved this problem.

It’s Wonderful

Margaret Burch of CT, Vernon - Psoriasis

I tried your skin cream three times and it cleared up my psoriasis on my leg. It's wonderful stuff. Highly Recommended.

This Product Is A “Miracle”

Jackie Brackett of TX, El Paso - Psoriasis

My friend sent me all the way from El Paso, Texas to purchase your skin cream which is for his psoriasis. It means that this product is a "miracle".

Psoriasis on Arms Cleared Up

Sandra Palsmino of CA, Orange County - Psoriasis

I used your skin cream for my psoriasis condition on arms, and after a couple of uses it cleared up. I use it faithfully everyday now.

I Use It Every Night

B Marron - Bee Stings, Psoriasis

I love your product. I have Psoriasis, it helps, but any pimple or cut, etc. heals fast, also. My wife also uses it occasionally. On a wasp sting, the swollen area subsided in an hour. I'm 52 and apply it to my face every night. People who haven't seen me in ten years say I haven't aged. I've used Corium 21 for 5 years or more.

Nothing Has Worked Except For This

Jane Garliza of NV, Las Vegas - Eczema, Psoriasis

I had psoriasis on my forearm and I started using your skin cream for about 60 days and my psoriasis disappeared. I continue to use your product for dry skin. I have been going to a dermatologist for about 10 years and tried every ointment and cream on the market. Nothing has worked except for this product. My 10-month old son has Eczema on his shoulder and I even use it on him. His eczema is getting a lot better with continued use.

Grand daughter’s Psoriasis Cleared Up

Valerie Tott of CA, Sacramento - Psoriasis

My granddaughter has a terrible rash – psoriasis. She was only 18 months old and had been to the doctor several times. After using your skin care cream, Corium 21, her psoriasis cleared up in three days.

My Psoriasis is Almost Gone!

Y.H. Honoyarl - Psoriasis

I've been using your skin cream for just 2 weeks and I can't describe how happy I am with the product. I am 72 years old, and in addition to being bald my scalp felt at times like the scorched earth in Europe in World War II. I had annoying, itching, shedding dead "leaves" and dandruff keeping me increasingly busy. Now I have less attention on that part of my body. It calmed down and feels and looks healthier too! My forearms, wrists and elbows which had Psoriasis are clearer, the condition is almost gone! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I Can’t Say Enough About It

Dee - Psoriasis

Hello, I bought a large jar of Corium 21 in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago at a kiosk stand in a shopping area.

I have psoriasis on my hands mostly on a couple of fingers of each hand, and on each elbow. Nothing has helped in the past. I've been using prescription salves, which end up just being greasy and thin the skin. So, I hate to use them.

Mostly I've had to put a bandaid on the affected area until it healed over once the skin had cracked. Regular lotions just don't work.

I have been using your cream exclusively since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and can't say enough about it. I apply it several times a day after washing my hands, or whenever I think about it. I like the fact that it isn't greasy and gets absorbed in the skin right away.

I want to thank you for creating such a good hand cream. I plan on ordering more when my jar gets near the end, but I just wanted to let you know how I felt about it….

Again thank you for your product.

Corium 21 has helped my Psoriasis

Oscar of AZ, Tucson - Itching Skin, Psoriasis

Just want to say what magic this cream is. My wife purchased the cream at a fair here in Tucson, Az. She put it in her bathroom shelf not to be seen for about 5 yrs. About 3 years ago I acquired psoriasis, a mild case, and started using lotions my Doctor had prescribed. Some RX were laced with steroids which could damage your skin, especially on your face. I stopped using them and started using Corium 21, after 1 week of using it, there is no sign of psoriasis on my face and knees. The itching has gone away. Thank you Corium 21 I am going to let my Doctor know about Corium 21 ASAP. Once again Thanks. Please post this in testimonials.

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