Before and After: Stitches

A recent customer’s experience highlights how Corium 21 can help with skin issues of all kinds!

Note from Alexis’s mother…

“I also forgot to let you know, my daughter’s Doctor that treats her and removed her stitches wanted to know what I used on her face. I showed her and she bought some of the cream from your website.

After she had bought some she had cut her arm open and she said to me on my visit, ‘I PUT THE CREAM ON IT AND AFTER 4 DAYS LOOK AT IT!’  and shoved her arm in my face. Her arm was as clear as my Alexis’s face. 🙂

You would have never known she cut it open, and she is a DOCTOR! 🙂 She loved it and swore she was going to buy it by the gallon. 🙂 I bet she has too. She was letting her patients know about it also, from what I know. All thanks to my baby showing her her face and how wonderful Corium 21 worked. 🙂 ”


After having 12 stitches removed from her check and chin; Alexis looks good as new! No scars!

You know how it felt to suffer with skin issues and how wonderful it was to find Corium 21.

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