Before and After: Dog Bite

A Corium 21 user recently shared the amazing results she had from using Corium 21 skin cream to care for her daughter’s wound.

Before picture

Her daughter was bitten on the right side of her face by a dog on February 3, 2013.

“This is what her face looked like when she was bit and we got to the hospital.

She kept crying saying she was going to look like Frankenstein. It was so heartbreaking and to see her precious little face like this killed me inside.

CAM013561 PIC 2 croppedThe picture of her outside holding her pink stuffed animal was after I started using Corium 21.

A friend of mine swore by it and told me I needed to try it on her face even while she had the stitches as it starts working then so I did it.

He even brought me a 2oz little jar of it to try and see how I liked it before I bought any.

during pictureThe picture of her on the bed with 2 dolls was taken on March 29, 2013. This is only about 5 or 6 weeks after I started using Corium 21. wound on chinThen April 2013 she fell at school split her chin open had to get 7 stitches 2 x’s within one week. So you know it had to take a big toll on her chin.
in progress woundThis picture was taken in I’d say Dec. 2013. After pictureThe last picture (shown above) was taken just Monday March 17th, 2014, a year and 2 weeks after she was bit and split her chin open and look at her face!

Before and After combined

Above: Another look at one of the before pictures and a recent one from Easter 2014
Alexis and mom

My Daughter and I – Recent picture from Easter 2014
To me Corium 21 is totally AMAZING and I swear by it. Without it my babies face would NEVER have healed like it has.


– Y.P.

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