Aloe Vera: A Helping Hand for Dry, Cracked Hands

dry hands

Dry and cracked hands can be unattractive and also downright uncomfortable, especially during a harsh winter or if you work with your hands a lot.

When hands dry out and the skin cracks on the knuckles, people try many different ideas and products, many of which are either fads or overpriced cons.

But aloe vera moisturizers are what many people keep reaching for, time and again, because they report great results.

When Dry Hands Go From Bad to Cracked

If you live in a place that experiences harsh winters, you will know what it feels like when the skin on your knuckles dries out. It turns red and starts to sting when you wash your hands or when you apply a hand lotion.

dry hand

Sometimes a simple thing like frequent hand washing can be enough to dry hands out. Winter, again, is a prime time for this to happen, especially when colds and flu are everywhere and you wash more frequently to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Parents of small children and nurses in hospitals know about this only too well.

But it doesn’t have to be winter. If you work hard with your hands or come into contact with harsh chemicals, you will know the stinging discomfort of cracking skin. Mechanics experience it a lot as they use super-potent hand cleansers to remove grease and oil.

There are so many substances people work with that can dry hands out mercilessly – antibacterial soaps, plaster, concrete, paints, manual work tools, sports equipment, protective gloves, etc.

When your hands stay persistently dry, your grip can be affected. And when the skin cracks, it can start bleeding. This can be not only painful, it can leave you at risk of infection.

Aloe Vera is So… Handy!

aloe vera cream in woman's hand

Aloe vera is so handy since it is not an oil and should not leave hands feeling greasy. It provides the right balance of moisture, proteins, and vitamins that those dry hands have been screaming for.

Exfoliate with Aloe Vera

Hands that are flaky and dull looking can be attributed to dehydrated skin. Using aloe vera moisturizers when exfoliating can assist in removing the outer layers of dead skin cells.

A topical application of an oil-based product or petroleum jelly will not help address the cause of your dry and cracked hands because it is merely a lubricating coating on the surface.

Use a moisturizer that is packed with nature’s best ingredients to keep your skin from looking dry.