The Secret to Having Soft, Beautiful Skin

“Corium 21 has given me relief from the itching and burning of stress dermatitis for the first time in five years… Finally I’m able to sleep through the night! I’m so grateful that I found this effective, soothing cream Thank You! P.S. The inflammation is subsiding and the flaking has all but disappeared. I’ve only been using it for the past 9 days….” – C.O.

Corium 21™ is far more than a moisturizer. Its unique balance of nutrients, vitamins and emollients delivers more of the wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera to your skin.

Since before the days of Cleopatra, aloe vera has been treasured for its moisturizing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties. Today, hundreds of health and beauty products claim aloe vera as an active ingredient; but did you know there are over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of aloe?

Of these, only about three have truly potent properties. Corium 21 uses only the most potent aloe known, grown in rich, volcanic soil – and is THE predominant ingredient in our aloe vera cream.

Thousands of satisfied users have discovered the benefits of Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream. We invite you to join them and try Corium 21 with complete confidence and at no risk to yourself.


balanced ingredients for superb skin care

Pure, potent aloe vera is the predominant ingredient in Corium 21. But is aloe alone enough?

No matter how good any one ingredient is for you – your body requires more than one ingredient to be at its best!

You may well compare this with the effectiveness of vitamins. For example, E is one of the best known and most effective vitamins; it’s an antioxidant, it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your circulation and it is effective internally as well as externally. All in all, quite a vitamin.
However, were you to take only vitamin E to the exclusion of all others, would you be healthy? Probably not. Your body needs the proper balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to operate at peak health.

We have found the same to be true for your skin. It is, after all, the largest part of your body! Corium 21 supports the natural benefits of aloe vera with the correct combination of nutrients, emollients and vitamins in proper balance.

Our Balanced Ingredients Deliver Superior Results

Corium 21 users frequently report dramatic results far superior to any other aloe vera skin cream.

In addition to aloe vera, what else makes Corium 21 so different?

Corium 21 contains a potent variety of aloe and also utilizes Soluble Collagen, Vitamin “E”, Green Tea extract, Chamomile, Vitamin B-1, Yucca, Ginseng, Niacin and a host of other ingredients, all formulated in the PROPER BALANCE.

The largest organ in the human body is your skin. Take care of it.

Corium 21 Absorbs Deeply into the Skin

young woman applying skin cream to her face

It is reassuring to know that Corium 21 is natural and safe and your skin will drink it up! In fact, Corium 21 penetrates so quickly and so deeply into the skin that it cannot be washed off. It doesn’t simply lay on the skin.

Corium 21’s proprietary blend of ingredients contains Niacin which is known to dilate the tiny capillaries to increase circulation and carry away toxins.

 Aloe Vera for Beautiful Soft Skin

Science is now proving what naturalists have known through the ages as you can see quickly by reading the paragraph titled, “Introduction” in this very informative research article by the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research.