Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to common questions about Corium 21 aloe vera cream. If you have other questions, please contact us by email, or call: (800) 319-5114.

Is CORIUM 21 Sold under any other name?

No, Genuine Corium 21 is sold only under the name Corium 21. Unscrupulous companies have attempted to claim they are Corium 21, or that they make a product “the same as” Corium 21 or have even claimed they are “the new” Corium 21.

Corium 21 is a proprietary formula and, if it does not say Corium 21 on the label, you have an imitation product. There is only one Rolex, and there is only one Corium 21.

Is Corium 21 a moisturizer?

Yes. It is an excellent aloe vera-based moisturizer and many customers who want beautiful skin use Corium 21 and have been with us for many years.

Can I use it on my face?

Absolutely! Corium 21 is gentle enough to be used as a daily moisturizer from head to toe.

Can I use Corium 21 with makeup?

Definitely. But remember this important point: Corium 21 absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin. Put it on before your makeup so it does not draw any harsh ingredients from your makeup into the skin.

If aloe vera is so good, why not sell just pure aloe?

Aloe vera is the predominant ingredient in Corium 21 but we have found that it takes the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and emollients to deliver the full benefits of Corium 21 aloe deep into the skin. Having carefully balanced ingredients is one secret of Corium 21′s success.

What about dry skin?

The helpful properties of aloe vera have been known for thousands of years. Corium 21 is designed to effectively deliver the benefits of aloe vera but it is not, of course, a medical treatment. NOTE: Severely dry, cracked skin (especially if it is bleeding) can be a symptom of a medical condition and you should consult your doctor.

Both men and women whose work exposes them to skin drying conditions have reported great success with Corium 21. For example: auto mechanics who deal with grease and harsh cleaning agents and people whose hands are frequently in water. Aloe vera is a great relief for sunburn also.

What about others?

Customers who have tried everything only to end up disappointed have reported extremely satisfying results with Corium 21.The most common success stories we receive from them concern:

“6 weeks ago I started using your skin cream – I have psoriasis – medications from the doctor have not touched it. My psoriasis was hot red and itches. Your skin cream is clearing my skin up and itching has stopped. I have extremely dry skin but your skin cream has greatly improved this problem.” – K.T.

“I have been using Corium 21 for the last two years, and after trying every thing recommended by doctors, Corium 21 has kept my Eczema under control. Knowing that there is a product out there that can control this skin problem without side effects is amazing. Thank you” – C.E.

“I have always had dry skin and I have tried many products to soften my face, hands and feet. I have also been experiencing acne break-outs. Since I have been using your skin cream I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin. I have also noticed my acne heals much more quickly. I have come back for another jar because I am afraid to be without it. I highly recommend this product and have become a user for life.” – Anonymous

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. After using it for 2-3 days on my son his rash has cleared up. We were frustrated when his pediatrician and dermatologist could not decide what it was and how to treat it. We ordered your product and now cannot live without it.” – J.C.

“I have been a Corium customer since 2006. I rave about Corium to ALL of my friends and family. Last year I had a friend call me, frantic and her young daughter burning her stomach as she pulled HOT liquid out of the microwave. She was terrified. She asked me if the Corium would soothe the burn. Of course I told her to get some medical attention but that the Corium would certainly soothe it. She called me back 3 weeks later and told me that her daughters stomach had scabbed over within 3 days of the burn and now looks like it did prior to the burn. No scar left or anything.” – L.S.

Will Corium 21 work with my pets or horses?

Absolutely! Animals have skin problems too. Why keep Corium 21 a secret from them? Aloe vera will benefit them just as it does us. Our customers include horse trainers who have found Corium 21 very effective in helping their horses with skin conditions.