A Grateful Customer

Your skin cream is the very best moisturizing healing cream ever! It has helped my skin look and feel younger. It healed the broken vessels and softened my skin.

A Grateful Customer

I’m an ardent fan of Corium 21

I started using Corium 21 after seeing it at the OC Swap Meet many, many years ago. An interesting story....we were at the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago and a small boy had fallen into some cactus. He was screaming bloody murder. I happened to have one of the small "sample" jars of Corium 21 in my purse (never go anywhere without it), and I asked the mother if I could put some on his injuries. She agreed.....the boy stopped crying immediately. The next day, we saw the family again, and they asked what it was that I put on their son's arms. I told them it was Corium 21, and they immediately asked where they could get it. I gave them your website. I don't know if they ever bought any, but I know one very small little boy who was eternally grateful to you for taking the sting out of a very painful injury.

It was really great to see that Corium 21 was able to take pain away from a small child. Falling into a cactus is NOT a fun thing, and it hurts!! His parents were hysterical and not able to stop his screaming and crying. I was glad that I was there to help and that I carried that small jar in my purse for things such as this.

I'm an ardent fan of Corium 21. In fact, I plan to put in an order within the next week or so (have to wait until my paycheck comes in). I did just give a small amount to a friend who had bug bites (possibly mosquito) on her waist, and she said that they went away the next day!!! She was also amazed

In addition, my poor dog had some ezcema on her skin of her hip, and I used some Corium 21 on her.....amazingly enough (or maybe not), it worked miracles and it went away within a day or so. So, it even works on non-human subjects (LOL). Could be a whole new area to explore!

Michele, D.

2nd Degree Burn

I have been a Corium customer since 2006. I rave about Corium to ALL of my friends and family. Last year I had a friend call me, frantic and her young daughter burning her stomach as she pulled HOT liquid out of the microwave. She was terrified. She asked me if the Corium would soothe the burn. Of course I told her to get some medical attention but that the Corium would certainly soothe it. She called me back 3 weeks later and told me that her daughters stomach had scabbed over within 3 days of the burn and now looks like it did prior to the burn. No scar left or anything. I don't know if she's a customer now but I know it has made me even more proud to be a customer.

Thank you Corium21!

Lovin S.

I will FOREVER use Corium 21

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy; and one of the side effects, of one type of chemo that I receive, is a terrible face and chest rash (Erbitux rash). It is almost like constantly having a chemical peel from the inside out, and add the teenager acne look.

My sister and I came across your product at the San Diego Fair and we shared the cost of the product. I am so happy that we found your Corium 21- it has completely cleared my face of the rash! Additionally, my chemo nurses cannot believe the difference and they ask what I am using, so that they may tell other patients! I am always more than happy to share your name with anyone! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product- I will FOREVER use Corium 21.

“You Have to try this cream”

About 25 years ago, I was living in Huntington Beach, CA and went with my mom to a farmer's market in Newport Beach. As I was walking I stopped at a tent selling hand/body cream (Corium 21) and the woman asked if I wanted to buy it, I said I had enough cream at home. She said, What have you got to lose? Just try it. I said okay and it was amazing, I never felt cream like it, so I ran and got my mom and told her, "You HAVE to try this cream", so she came with me, LOVED Corium 21 and the rest is history. We always make sure we are stocked with Corium 21 and have been using it everyday since that day 25 years ago.

Another time I burned my hand on the iron, I washed my hands and immediately applied Corium 21, by the second day there was no trace of the burn. This product is amazing. We've also been telling people and giving them samples in little jars, many called and ordered more.

Thanks so much for making such a great product!!

Gina, D.

Best product on the market

Hello! I have used Corium 21 for about 12 years now and I still absolutely love it! I've sent emails before, but I have to tell you again that you have the best product on the market. My mom is also addicted to it. Thank you again!

S. Stahl

The cream is working Amazingly

So glad I can share how wonderful your cream has worked. I am also using it for a bad finger nail I have from sewing for long it had the biggest in dent from taking the bobbin out so many times per day at work. The cream is working AMAZINGLY well on repairing my nail. I'm so impressed with it now I don't have to take any medication to heel it.


Love it!

This product is for my wife, daughter and daughter in law and the product has been used before and they love it.

Frank K.

Using Corium for 15 years!

I have never Stopped using Corium since I first met you 15 years ago.


Using Corium 21 for 18 years!

Well I adore your product, everyone asks me what I use on my skin. I am 67 years old and love the product. I have had so many people try to sell me different skin care products, over the years but that’s not going to happen. I have used Corium 21 for maybe 18 years.


Sensitive Skin

I am a true convert to this cream after trying many, many products over the years, Corium 21 has become a life saver. I have recommended it and will continue to recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin…or really, anyone with skin!Thanks again.


My Go-to-Multi Use Cream

Being a male, I have never written a review nor ever felt compelled to write a review on anything I have used. Until now. After using Corium 21 I knew that I had to put pen to paper and write about my experience with it, as I know that it will help others out there that are facing the problems that I once faced. I suffered greatly from Keratosis Pilaris and adult acne onset by stress. My skin on my arms looked like chicken skin-always bumpy, like sand paper; rough. My face reverted back to being 14 years old and I was very embarrassed and subsequently more stressed as a result.

Corium 21 saved my skin, my social life and rid me of the insecurities and anxiety I was experiencing do to my skin condition. I was paying so much money for chemical peels, photo facials and expensive creams that did nothing but burn a hole in my wallet. Corium 21 is my go-to-multi use cream. My skin hasn’t been this smooth since I was a kid, the acne is gone, the redness is gone and I can be at peace once again, not having to worry if people are seeing me or my acne. They are seeing me now! Thanks Corium 21!

Michael of Los Angeles, CA - Keratosis, Acne

I have been using this product for ten years

I have been using this product for ten years. It worked wonders on my face. Most people are surprised of how old I am. That opens up the conversation for me to direct them to your website. I now use it on my neck and hands. My daughters are in their 20's and have started using it.


Corium 21 is totally Amazing!

My daughter was bit by my brother's dog on Feb 3, 2013 and 2 months later she fell at school and split her chin open. She had to get 7 stitches 2x's within one week. [After using the cream for] a year and 2 weeks, her face looks great!

To me Corium 21 is totally AMAZING and I swear by it. Without it my babies face would NEVER have healed like it has. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT!

Click here to read the full story and see the amazing results.


To my delight – it was 100 times better than expected!

I really love Corium 21. It is the only thing that I have found that tames the psoriasis I get on my hands. My hands (fingers) have been cracking open especially during the winter months since I was a teenager. I'm a very outdoorsy woman and I really don't make the situation any better!

My first experience with Corium 21 was buying a jar from a lady at a 4th of July vendors market. ...when you are desperate...you'll fork out the money just in the hope that the product is 1/2 as good as claimed.To my delight - it was 100 times better than expected!


I Believe This Cream Does Wonders!

I have acne on my forehead and I tend to breakout on my back. I've seen many dermatologists for my skin condition and I have never achieved as fast results as with your skin cream.

From the first time of usage I noticed a difference that no other expensive medication has ever done for me. About a month into using the cream my acne condition has lessened. I am truly impressed with the results of this cream, it feels like a miracle.

Also, I have psoriasis on my elbows and knees. After usage of your skin cream, I have realized that the condition has indeed drastically improved.

In addition, I used your skin cream on cuts, scrapes and even a bruise I once had which this cream has gotten rid of practically overnight. I am 17 years old and have been using your skin cream for over a month and a half now and I believe this cream does wonders.

It really has worked for my skin and I am utterly impressed with the results. It is really worth a try.

Rose Haylon of CA, Burbank - Acne, Bruises, Cuts

It Is Truly a “Miracle”!

Lynn & Phillip of PA, Philadelphia - Eczema, Itching Skin

Ever since I was a baby and going to kindergarten in Philadelphia PA, I used to try and have fun with the other kids playing ring around the rosy and no one would hold my hands due to the fact that I had eczema on my wrists and both hands.

My mother used to make me soak in oatmeal to relieve the pain and itching but to no avail. So many medicines and many dermatologists over the years did not help at all. I remember one movement that caused a lot of pain was just trying to make a fist, because of all the dried and racking skin, which also led to bleeding knuckles.

My boyfriend tried using the pulp of an aloe plant, it helped to some extend. Then he went online and looked under Aloe Cream. That is where he found Corium 21 and we decided to order your product.

Within 3 days of receiving Corium 21 my hands are as smooth as glass. My manicurist, friends and family all noticed how incredibly different and smooth my hands are now.

My worst part was being embarrassed by my hands in public, which is no longer the case due to Corium 21.

It is truly a “MIRACLE”.

– I wanted to add my input as I am Lynn’s boyfriend and your product is definitely a Miracle. I cannot believe the difference in such a short time.

Her hands are smooth… I remember last winter that I was afraid to hold her hands because of the brittleness of the area around her knuckles, they were so chapped and bleeding. Now all of that has gone away, she is so happy and so am I.

Thank you so very much.

My Friends Said Wow!

To whom it may concern: I received via mail a letter from your company asking for feedback on your product Corium 21.

Normally I don’t respond but I feel compelled. I have never been able to find the correct skin cream. I’ve tried everything under the moon. Your product and I are a perfect match. I have Eczema with combination dry/oil skin.

I used to buy Cortisone once every two weeks. I have not purchased it in almost 3 months due to the effectiveness of your product.

Friends see me, and the first thing they say is WOW! Your skin looks great!

I hate to sound like those commercials where people are paid to say what you want them to hear but this is real. I have routed your leaflets to friends, but I don’t want too many people to know my secret!

Susan A Swan of GA - Eczema

This Is a Miracle Product

My niece is 5 years old and has struggled with Eczema since she was 3. We have tried all the recommendation from the doctors and health experts.

Then earlier this year my mom and I were at a Home and Garden Show in Fort Worth, Texas when we saw the demonstration for this product.

It peeked my interest but my mother was a little skeptical. However after trying “everything” I convinced her that we did not have much more to lose. So we bought it and brought it home. Two months later my niece, who had eczema on 95% of her body, was now completely clear.

She is no longer shy about her skin and it looks like a normal little girl!!! That is a miracle in itself. Now we are going to be a very satisfied customer for life.

Thank you Corium 21!!

K. Williams - Eczema

My Beautiful Complexion is Finally Back

C. Eakino of CA, Los Angeles - Acne, Allergic Rash, Eczema, Rosacea

Approximately three months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting you. Thank you for introducing me to Corium 21. What an incredible difference this skin cream has made in my life.

I am nearly 30 years old, and until I was 27 I had perfect skin most everyday of my entire life. Beginning in the summer of 1995, I began to have an unusual skin problem. This skin problem seemed to be a combination of “little white rocks” embedding themselves within my skin, as well as pimples and excessive greasiness. I have always had Eczema, which kept my face dry yet perfect. Since the odd skin problem began, the Eczema also kicked into high gear on my face.

Each doctor I saw felt that it was my imagination, lack of water, stress, etc. Finally, I happened upon a specialist. He diagnosed me with, “Rosacea.” What in the world is “Rosacea,” was my question. Rosacea requires a regimen of antibiotics for the rest of your life in order to keep your face from becoming unsightly in ways that acne alone cannot create. Naturally, I am allergic to antibiotics when it comes to long-term use.

When I met you, Sunja, I was at my wits end. My beautiful porcelain soft face and complexion was all but a memory. It had been replaced by a leathery, bumpy, red splotched, rash ridden unsightly look. My self-esteem was suffering immensely.

Then I started using Corium 21. I went home that night, washed my face, and put on a very liberal amount of Corium 21. When I arose the next day nearly half the bumps were gone. By the end of the week, I had my beautiful complexion back 100%.

THANK YOU for being so persistent and knowledgeable, as this is what convinced me to try Corium 21. I am most grateful.

Cleared Up My Impetigo

Thanks for the great product. I am a camper, a backpacker, and outdoors kind of gal.

Often after a trip I would develop a nasty little infection of the nose and face Impetigo.

Trips to the Dr., creams, anti-biotics, ugly face and disgusting nose always made life as a corporate professional very interesting.

Then I was at a mall and there was a Corium 21 stand, I thought what the heck, let’s give it a try.

Well I have been using the cream every day for 2 years now and have not had Impetigo since, plus my age spots and blemishes have drastically faded, and my skin tone is better. I also use it on my hands after a heavy day of house cleaning or painting – you know the rough chapped hands.

I recommend the Corium 21 cream to others who I think need to give it a try.

L. Clayton - Impetigo, Rough Hands

Stretch Marks are Gone

Carolyn Murphy of CA, San Diego - Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

I came a year ago with some friends and bought your cream. I used it on my toes and heels because they were very very dry. After one application my feet felt SO much better. One of the sales reps told me to use it on my stretch marks and after 6 months the stretch marks are GONE. I have never used a product that did wonders like this one! I have all my friends hooked on this product!

Corium has Literally Improved my Quality of Life!

Karen - Abrasions, Allergic Rashes, Very Dry Skin

Hello Corium 21, I have now been a customer for over a year, and I’ve never been happier with any product I’ve ever purchased. I have had chronic itchy, flaky skin my entire life, and have used prescription medication and skincare.

My skin literally used to be so dry it hurt, and nothing worked. After a few days using Corium – I use it everywhere, including my face, I was shocked at how much better my skin felt. I’ve used it religiously ever since.

My skeptic husband has a chronic allergy rash and takes medication for it. He “ho hummed” my suggestion at trying Corium, but he finally did, and my dermatologist wanted to know what I was using! I even used it on an abrasion on my puppy – no infection and it cleared up quickly.

Thank you – Corium has literally improved my quality of life.

Relief from Lupus

Debbie Wong of CA, Rosemead - Lupus, Very Dry Skin

Hi Corium 21. I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago. Along with that I also have Beynaud’s syndrome. My hands are very dry and swell up and they also get very cold and turn white. I’ve been using your skin cream for about a year and have found a tremendous difference in my hands. I really love the product and won’t use anything else.

Joint Pain gone in 5 Minutes

Pete Ochineo of CA, Sacramento - Arthritis, Cracked Skin, Inflamed Joints, Rough Hands

My skin was very dry and cracked from my work as a mechanic and ceramic tile setter. The skin is painful from cracks. I’ve tried prescription cream from my doctor to no avail. I tried your skin cream on my skin. It absorbed into the skin and in 5 minutes I was able to bend fingers, and skin appeared to smooth. This is the only product that has ever helped.

Works for Everything!

I started using Corium 21 about 9 years ago, the first jar I purchased from a woman at the Oracle County Swap Meet. I have been hooked every since. Corium is miraculous! I tell everyone I know and we’re all using it. Now I just come here to place my order and go. My husband is a surfer and swears by it for his arms, chest and stomach rashes. I have the world’s driest skin ever and without Corium I scratch myself raw and bleed. I use it on and for everything and the best part is that it works on and for everything! Love your product!

Kim - Allergic Rashes, Cuts, Very Dry Skin

I Will Never Stop Using This Cream

A. Crusoe - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Poor Circulation, Spider Veins

To whom it may concern: I have been using Corium 21 for the past three years. This cream is a miracle; it helps to eliminate spider veins, fixes cuts on skin, improves circulation, and helps dry skin. My heels and feet and baby soft, everywhere I use the cream the skin turns velvety soft. I have informed all my friends of this miracle cream. I am a firm believer of this wonderful product and I will never stop using it.

Help with Fibromyalgia

Janet Ruis - Bruises, Fungus, Inflamed Joints, Spider Veins, Fibromyalgia

I first used this product as a moisturizer, especially on my face. Soon I discontinued use of several expensive cosmetic products I had been using for years. Later I began to notice that applying Corium 21 to my ankles, knees and elbows not only moisturized them, but also eased some of the pain I experience with Fibromyalgia.

Lastly, when applied to a toe and nail with continuing fungus infections under the nail, the nail began to grow out in a more normal shape and no more pain!

Because I found this product so helpful, I talked my mother and sister into trying it as well.

My mother now insists on using it on her legs to reduce the discoloration caused by numerous broken “spider” veins. My sister uses this product to moisturize an area of her body which was treated with radiation therapy. Corium 21 has helped reduce the stiffness of the scar.

So there you have it! I’ve tried similar products that are said to contain Aloe Vera, but none compare to the effectiveness of Corium 21 and none of them are as versatile. I appreciate being able to purchase it by contacting your company in a variety of ways.

Wonderfully Clear Complexion

Tera Cowee - Chapped Lips, Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

Corium 21 is truly AMAZING! Year after year of trying numerous topical, several oral prescription medications, visiting three different dermatologists–Corium 21 proved to be all I needed to clear up my face and give me a wonderfully clear complexion. I’ve been using Corium 21 religiously for over a year now and truly cannot imagine going a day without it! The one-ounce sample I originally tried was the perfect size for traveling as much a I do as a salesperson! I cannot tell you to how many friends I have raved about Corium 21! I hope they continue to use your product. Thank you very much!

Smooth Skin without Greasy Feeling

I have always suffered with dry skin. Most skin lotions only relieved the dryness temporarily. This lotion left my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy after just one application. I am very impressed by this product.

Deon Chicago of Birmingham - Very Dry Skin

Wonderful Cream

Bob & Sarah Hill of IL, Springfield - Chapped Skin, Very Dry Skin

I bought the cream for my wife. She loves it, but I've decided that I do too! We've used it on hands, face and rough cracked feet. Wonderful!

Relief from Scratching

Michelle Clayton of NV, Las Vegas - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

After a week of using your cream I no longer have dry arms and hands. Even after washing my hands they stay silky smooth. My boyfriend also uses your skin cream on his dry back and sides. We are relieved from the scratching he'd go through before he'd go to bed. Your cream is a wonderful healing cream. Thanks.

Relief within Minutes

Melinda Moorley of CA, San Francisco - Itching Skin

I was experiencing dry red irritated skin on my legs and tried every product on the market. My husband was strolling down and stopped by your kiosk for a small sample. I tried it on my legs and was amazed. Within minutes my legs stopped itching and the redness faded. My skin is so soft and smooth. Thank you!

Great for Outdoors

I have used your product for 1.5 months every day. I have not only enjoyed the product, it actually works on my dry skin. I work outdoors and I have tried every product but have found this one to be the best. I originally purchased in Los Angeles and since then I have seen your product in many cities – I'm happy to know I can get it easily. Thank You. P.S. My husband really likes the smell!

Mogare Storza - Very Dry Skin

Moist skin in Desert Winds

Hi! I'm visiting Las Vegas from Elk Grove, California. My hands and face dried out from the desert winds. I tried a sample of your skin cream on my hands. I walked around for 1 hour. My hands stayed moist so I returned and bought the product. Now each night I wear it on my face going to bed and put it on after my shower in the morning. I feel so much better. My skin is so much smoother. I love this product!

Wendy Caola of CA, Elk Grove - Very Dry Skin

Softening of the Hands

Dagnaf & John Hart of AZ, Tucson - Very Dry Skin

We purchased a small cream 2 days ago and after great results from only 3 uses I came back today to purchase a large jar. The softening of the hands is just remarkable. Thank you.

Great Improvement in Skin Texture

I have always had dry skin and I have tried many products to soften my face, hands and feet. I have also been experiencing acne break-outs. Since I have been using your skin cream I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin. I have also noticed my acne heals much more quickly. I have come back for another jar because I am afraid to be without it. I highly recommend this product and have become a user for life.

Anonymous of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

Moist and Smooth skin

I have used your skin cream for about a year. I had very dry skin, especially on my face. I started using this product and my skin is moist and smooth. I am 59 years old and my skin now feels like it did 20 year ago.

Harriet Gnoya of CA, Long Beach - Very Dry Skin

Relief from Calloused Skin

Philip & Jeannie Guerrero of CO, Vail - Very Dry Skin

My husband is a carpet installer. His hands are knees were very dry and calloused. Just one use of this product and we were SOLD. Everything he has used in the past has failed. We live in Colorado in the mountains (Vail) where it is very dry as well.

Fountain of Youth

Kim. L. Wallen of CA, Canyon Country - Very Dry Skin

I had purchased the "fountain of youth," Corium 21, for dry patches on my arm. I only applied it one time and the dry patches have disappeared. I would recommend this product for dry skin.

Psoriasis Relief

Karen Thuran of MI, Bay City - Itching Skin, Psoriasis, Very Dry Skin

6 weeks ago I started using your skin cream – I have psoriasis – medications from the doctor have not touched it. My psoriasis was hot red and itches. Your skin cream is clearing my skin up and itching has stopped. I have extremely dry skin but your skin cream has greatly improved this problem.

It’s Wonderful

I tried your skin cream three times and it cleared up my psoriasis on my leg. It's wonderful stuff. Highly Recommended.

Margaret Burch of CT, Vernon - Psoriasis

This Product Is A “Miracle”

My friend sent me all the way from El Paso, Texas to purchase your skin cream which is for his psoriasis. It means that this product is a "miracle".

Jackie Brackett of TX, El Paso - Psoriasis

Psoriasis on Arms Cleared Up

I used your skin cream for my psoriasis condition on arms, and after a couple of uses it cleared up. I use it faithfully everyday now.

Sandra Palsmino of CA, Orange County - Psoriasis

I Use It Every Night

I love your product. I have Psoriasis, it helps, but any pimple or cut, etc. heals fast, also. My wife also uses it occasionally. On a wasp sting, the swollen area subsided in an hour. I'm 52 and apply it to my face every night. People who haven't seen me in ten years say I haven't aged. I've used Corium 21 for 5 years or more.

B Marron - Bee Stings, Psoriasis

My Skin Looks Like Porcelain

I can honestly say, and I have never been able to say this, my skin looks like porcelain. The tiny lines around my mouth are disappearing. Around my eyes, too.

Everybody that I tell about this product calls the 800# immediately. Within two weeks I have recommended this product to a dozen people who have already ordered it.

I have used it on a nasty dog bite that has been taking months to heal. It is healed completely and all the pain is gone. I use it on toe fungus, which is near to impossible to get rid of.

This is getting rid of it.

I have taken to using it on my entire body, and the softness is unbelievable. Rashes go right away. Hives disappear. Cuts heal in a day. I believe there are things that this cream clears up that aren't even documented.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with the product and will continue to use it and recommend it to everyone. Thank you for providing this marvel to the public.

H - Allergic Rashes, Cuts, Fungus, Hives

The Only Product That Works For My Acne

My son (14 years old) had been using Corium for several months, and his acne, which had been pretty bad, had faded – a lot. When he recently ran out, for some unknown reason, I did not reorder, and instead gave him Proactive. He has been using it for about six weeks now, and his face looks like he has always had bad acne. The spots and surrounding area are red and swollen. I feel terrible. I myself have a problem with acne, and know it is not only embarrassing to have, but is also painful.

What was I thinking???!!

I ordered a large tub of Corium today for him and will NOT change again! As the saying goes, if it isn't broken, don't fix it!!

Thank you for offering this wonderful product. You have the support and the recommendation of my whole family and myself.

K Munro - Acne

My Skin Doesn’t Peel Off Now

I usually peel all the time due to my acne. After using your skin cream I have noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin and the way it doesn't peel off now. I truly recommend this to anyone and everyone with dry skin.

Ada Casanara of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

We All Love It!

Karal Gurdubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Rough Hands

We tried the skin cream for the first time and were very amazed at the many different uses – from sore cracked feet to very rough hands. I had my son try some on his acne and it cleared up almost instantly. We all love it!

It Really Works For Me

Pam Carruthers of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

Your skin cream really works for me. I used it about one week and could already see results on acne and dry skin. Always good. Buying more! Thanks

My Scars Are Clearing Up

I just used your skin cream a week ago to clean up scars left on my face from picking at pimples. The scars are clearing up very smoothly and my skin has become as smooth as a baby's bottom. I love your skin cream, and intend to continue using it indefinitely.

Diane E. Ridiout of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

Cleared my Zit Right Away

I had this terrible zit on my face for weeks, then I tried this cream on my zit and it cleared up right away for me.

April Schmilenburg of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

We Were Amazed

Karal Judubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

We tried your skin cream for the first time and were very amazed at the many different uses from the sore, cracked feet to very rough hands. I had my son try some on his acne and it cleared up almost instantly! We all love it!

Thrilled With Corium 21

I recently tried your product and have been amazed and thrilled with it! My "age" spots have significantly lightened in less than a month. My dry and cracked heels have completely recovered. I have used it to handle my grandchildren's eczema…. Thank you for a wonderful product! I will not be without it again.

P Akers - Eczema, Very Dry Skin

This Cream Is Great

Judy Jackson or NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis, Bruises

To Whom It May Concern: I stand a lot on my job and after 1/2 hour my knee would just kill me because I have arthritis in both knees. I started to use your skin cream on my knees before I would go to work, now I can stand for at least 4 1/2 to 5 hours before they start to hurt. It is great. I also used it on a terrible bruise and in six days it was gone.

I Am So Amazed

I have one knee with severe arthritis and one with slight arthritis. After walking all over Las Vegas for the last five hours, both were feeling very swollen and sore. I had the skin cream rubbed into the severe knee and within just two or three minutes, it was very, very, very comfortable. And now it feels better than my mildly affected knee. I am so amazed.

Kathy G. Hanne of UT, Salt Lake City - Arthritis

Amazing Results!!

Dear Makers of Corium 21, Thank you. We came here on vacation. I forgot my prescription & Vioxx. I take 2 daily for arthritis. We left on Saturday. By Sunday I was in terrible pain. We took a short walk to each lunch and ran into a lady representing and demonstrating Corium 21. My hands hurt, she put some cream on and rubbed it in. It felt so cooling. She talked about 7 layers deep. By the time she was finished talking, my hands stopped hurting. That night I rubbed all sore spots and had a wonderful night's sleep. On Monday I ran into the lady on the Desert Passage trail and told her I was able to walk everywhere in 107 degree heat! I recommended this to my husband for jock itch after a walk! Amazing results! He asked if he could use the cream before our walk on Tuesday for prevention!!!

Sandra P. Sonich of CA - Arthritis, Jock Itch

No More Pain Overnight

I have arthritis in my hand. When I sleep it curls up. In the morning it won't open up. I tried some of this cream one night. The next morning my hand was not curled up at all and no pain. Thank you.

Cindy Myer of CA, Fontana - Arthritis

My Acne Has Improved Tremendously

We came here on vacation. I had forgot to bring my base makeup. I've had problems with acne. I used the base makeup to cover my problem. I picked up your cream on Monday and by Wednesday I do not need to use the base makeup. My acne has improved tremendously! Thanks so much!

Miste Darlene of CO, Denver - Acne

Dermatitis Healed Less Than a Week

My 5 year old son has a topic dermatitis and itches and bleeds all the time. We bought your skin cream less than a week ago and we already notice an extreme difference. Thank you so much for stopping us.

Kathy Baley of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash

Two Days and the Itch is Gone

Linda Makepeace of WA - Allergic Rash, Itching Skin

I have dermatitis on my legs and have tried several products without success. Prescription medication has not been successful either. I tried your skin cream two days ago and the itch has gone away. The redness has lightened

Arthritis Pain Is Gone

Fantastic product – my wrists are severely pained by arthritis. Your skin cream has been a great relief. I encourage people to try this wonderful product. The arthritis felt less painful after applying cream. Phenomenal Product!

Lind Skemer of NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis

Nothing Has Worked Except For This

Jane Garliza of NV, Las Vegas - Eczema, Psoriasis

I had psoriasis on my forearm and I started using your skin cream for about 60 days and my psoriasis disappeared. I continue to use your product for dry skin. I have been going to a dermatologist for about 10 years and tried every ointment and cream on the market. Nothing has worked except for this product. My 10-month old son has Eczema on his shoulder and I even use it on him. His eczema is getting a lot better with continued use.

Grand daughter’s Psoriasis Cleared Up

My granddaughter has a terrible rash – psoriasis. She was only 18 months old and had been to the doctor several times. After using your skin care cream, Corium 21, her psoriasis cleared up in three days.

Valerie Tott of CA, Sacramento - Psoriasis

My Psoriasis is Almost Gone!

I've been using your skin cream for just 2 weeks and I can't describe how happy I am with the product. I am 72 years old, and in addition to being bald my scalp felt at times like the scorched earth in Europe in World War II. I had annoying, itching, shedding dead "leaves" and dandruff keeping me increasingly busy. Now I have less attention on that part of my body. It calmed down and feels and looks healthier too! My forearms, wrists and elbows which had Psoriasis are clearer, the condition is almost gone! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Y.H. Honoyarl - Psoriasis

I Have Had Great Results

Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing this brief letter to you today in appreciation for the great results I have had so far with your product. Over the years I have spent a fortune on different creams, lotions and medicated powders never achieving the results that I have with your skin cream. By using your product I have been able to eliminate some of the problems with my skin. It is the only product that has relieved my skin and physical pain associated with one of my ailments, which is diabetes. Thank you so much.

Fern Filleys of NV, Las Vegas

Relief from Stress Dermatitis

Caitlin Oheansy - Allergic Rashes, Inflamed Joints

Corium 21 has given me relief from the itching and burning of stress dermatitis for the first time in five years… Finally I'm able to sleep through the night! I'm so grateful that I found this effective, soothing cream Thank You! P.S. The inflammation is subsiding and the flaking has all but disappeared. I've only been using it for the past 9 days….

We Saw a Difference After One Use

Carolyn Ford of GA, Augusta - Allergic Rash, Very Dry Skin

My children have a topic dermatitis. After one use we could see a difference. Their skin cleared up. Before using this product we had used several prescribed topical agents, with very little success.

I Can’t Say Enough About It

Hello, I bought a large jar of Corium 21 in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago at a kiosk stand in a shopping area.

I have psoriasis on my hands mostly on a couple of fingers of each hand, and on each elbow. Nothing has helped in the past. I've been using prescription salves, which end up just being greasy and thin the skin. So, I hate to use them.

Mostly I've had to put a bandaid on the affected area until it healed over once the skin had cracked. Regular lotions just don't work.

I have been using your cream exclusively since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and can't say enough about it. I apply it several times a day after washing my hands, or whenever I think about it. I like the fact that it isn't greasy and gets absorbed in the skin right away.

I want to thank you for creating such a good hand cream. I plan on ordering more when my jar gets near the end, but I just wanted to let you know how I felt about it….

Again thank you for your product.

Dee - Psoriasis

Eczema Gone in 2 Weeks

I recently purchased your product while on vacation in California at the Encinitas Street Art Fair on April 27th.

I have been using it faithfully twice a day since. I have had a very bad case of eczema on my legs for over 5 years. I have seen doctors and their only remedy is to use prescription steroid cream for 14 days and then let the skin rest for 14 days. I have no had any luck clearing up this condition and I am embarrassed to wear shorts or anything which exposes my legs in public during the summer months here in Michigan because people stare and think I have some contagious skin disease.

It is May 8th now and my Eczema has completely vanished after using your cream. I am actually looking forward to summer in Michigan and being able to wear shorts again. Thank you so much!

P.H. - CA, Encinitas - Eczema

Daughter’s Eczema is Gone

My daughter is 5 1/2. We bought your skin cream and used it on my daughter's Eczema that night. We checked it again in the morning and there was a visible improvement. After 4 days it was nearly gone. It's great to have a cream that is so natural that works and she loves it.

Louise Wilkinson of West Sussex - Eczema

This Product Is Brilliant

We discovered your product while on holiday. My youngest daughter has severe Eczema, which makes her life very tough. Your product is the only thing that clears this condition. It is brilliant.

Deborah Ayton - Eczema

I can’t go a day without it

Corium 21 is the best cream I have ever used. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. My skin is soft and heals quickly from blemishes. I can't go a day without it. It has made a great improvement on my niece who has Eczema and my cousin who has Acne.

Hazel - Acne, Eczema

“Mommy, your face is so soft!”

I only happened to connect with your product by accident. I declined your street vendor. But passing your vendor cart again, my husband nudged me to try it. At the time, I had a severe case of Eczema on my face and had made an appointment to see a dermatologist. Now I have to cancel the appointment, immediately. Your product is excellent! My 4 1/2 year old said, "Mommy, your face is so soft!" Thank you for your superior product!

N Murano - Eczema

Keeps my Eczema Under Control

I have been using Corium 21 for the last two years, and after trying every thing recommended by doctors, Corium 21 has kept my Eczema under control. Knowing that there is a product out there that can control this skin problem without side effects is amazing. Thank you,

C Elford - Eczema

It Is Very Soothing On My Skin

I suffer terribly from Eczema and bought the cream hoping to find some relief. I used it last night for the first time, and I can attest to the fact that I did not "itch" last night like I had been doing previously. Hopefully with continued use it will give me the relief I am looking for. I am very happy with the product. It is very soothing on my skin.

Judy Haekn of OH - Eczema, Itching Skin

I Notice The Different Already

I came across a young lady marketing your product. My daughter was with me, who also has eczema, but it affects her face, legs and arms, never her palms. We tried your product and we are having great success! I just ran out and already notice the difference, and that is why I just ordered more jars.

Corena Wirtz - Eczema

It Left My Skin Soft and Moist

Ashlee Welday of NV, Las Vegas - Eczema, Itching Skin

I have horrible dry skin – eczema, to the point where my legs begin to bleed. I have tried your skin cream – the itching and burning immediately stopped and left my skin soft and moist.

My Skin Has Dramatically Improved

I have been suffering from eczema for many years. Everything I have been using was not working. I have tried this product for two days and my skin has dramatically improved. Thank you so much.

Victoria Zhernovsky - Eczema

No Longer Waking Up Crying In Pain

My friend's 2-year old daughter has eczema over her whole body. She would scratch to the point where it would bleed and get puffy from the irritation. She had tried many prescription ointments and over the counter lotions. Nothing seemed to work. She would always keep her long sleeves pushed up because she would scratch. I purchased this cream for her a few days ago. Instantly her itch started going away. She put her sleeves down, stopped scratching, and is not waking up in the middle of the night crying anymore. Her skin is much softer and the eczema seems to be going away. Your skin cream really works!!!

R. Cgul of NV, Henderson - Eczema, Itching Skin

My Son’s Eczema Cleared Up in One Week

Three weeks ago we purchased your skin cream. I took it home to my 11 year old son. He had eczema so bad he had a patch on either arm that was red and cracked. We started using it and within one week it healed and now looks like normal skin again. His first comment when he started using it was that it didn't sting – a great benefit to get him to keep using it! Thanks.

May Mowben of UT, South Jordan - Eczema

It’s The Real Thing

My name is Irene. My son is 4 years old an he suffered, yes, suffered from Eczema. It's been 1 month and a half since I bought this product for him and his Eczema is almost completely gone. I am here today to buy more. His Dermatologist tried different medications & none of them worked. I can say, and I am confident that your product is not a fake. It's the real thing. It does what it says it does. Thank you and I hope this product works for your need.

Irene of CA, Oakley - Eczema

It Works Fantastic

Hi. My name is Sandy Tedesco. I live in Chicago. Last year while visiting Las Vegas, I purchased your skin cream. When I got back home I tried it on my 3 1/2 year old grandson who has eczema. It works fantastic!!! And he smells great. Thanks!

Best Product I Have Ever Bought

I bought your skin cream two weeks ago on a trip to Vegas. My 8 year old Catie has eczema. She is always scratching even till she bleeds. After applying the skin to her rough spots her itching stopped within 24 hours. All the bumps on her skin are completely gone now. I use your skin cream on everything now. Best thing I ever bought! Thank You

Monio Nowtoyer of CA, Palmdale - Eczema

This Lotion Works

My 3 & 1/2 year old daughter has had eczema all of her life. I have treated it with hydro-cortisone ointments as recommended by her pediatrician.

My husband and I just happened to be in the mall with my daughter when we came across your cream. I am glad we did because my daughter's eczema has gotten so bad that it looked like dry scarring all over her body and I was about to make a doctors appointment for her to get a prescription for it. We heard that the cream was also good for eczema so we decided to try it. I put it on her every morning and evening and only less than a week later, it was hardly visible.

I had used some on myself and am extremely pleased with the effect that it has on my skin and on my daughter's eczema. I am so glad that there is something I can use on her that I don't have to pay for a doctor's visit and a prescription for. The results were wonderful and fast. This lotion works.

Christy Walker of CA, Bakersfield - Eczema

I Will Never Stop Using This Product

Sarah Byrn of MI, Battle Creek - Eczema, Itching Skin

I began using your cream as a treatment for eczema. I had terrible scarring on my legs and arms. After about a week of use the scars were fading and the itch was gone. I will never stop using this product.

I Could Feel It Working Immediately.

When a friend of mine commented that my skin looked "airbrushed" I felt it was time to write you a letter.

I purchased Corium 21 just two weeks ago. Originally my motivation was for the sole purpose of getting the cream for my teenage son's acne problem. After he used the product for just one day, I could already see an improvement in his skin. The redness toned down almost immediately and his pimples started to shrink.

Now, two weeks later, his skin is nearly completely clear. He is almost thirteen years old after all, and tends to forget or fight me about it. If he used it twice a day as recommended, his skin would already be totally clear.

My daughter, almost 10 years old, had been using the cream twice a day for two weeks on her hands to clear up her warts. She is thrilled that they are flattening out and appear to be shrinking. For her, the cream has been a dream come true. It is so easy to use and the results are quick.

I decided to use it on my face.

Immediately I could feel it working. I am 42 years old and look much younger. I thought my skin was at its best when I began using Corium 21. I was wrong. My skin, which was plagued with skin problems including acne until I was 40 years old, started to glow.

- Acne, Warts

This Cleared Up My Acne

…Just wanted to let you know, this is the only product I have used that actually cleared up my adult acne. I have tried many products including prescriptions, but nothing worked until now! Great product!

T McClemons - Acne

No More Red Blotches!!

I recently attended my local fair with my mom and sister who both love to walk through the hall with all the various products on display. They stopped at your booth to talk to the sales rep and I ended up getting dragged into having a sample of your cream put on my hands. I began having really bad acne about 2 years ago when I turned 20 and started cycling... the sweaty helmet. My problem only got worse to where it wasn't even worth trying to cover up with makeup. I've tried every 3 step program sold in stores with no help whatsoever. My mom and sister decided to buy your product and the rep gave me a free sample jar along with 2 more for my family for being a good sport. This was Tuesday, today is Saturday. I've used the cream twice a day and I am already amazed at how my skin looks. I am an EMT on an ambulance as well as an Army Cadet where sweat and dirt are constant along with my bicycle helmet. Yesterday I noticed that after sitting in my ambulance for over 10 hours of 105 degree weather that my face was not oily. And I discovered a joyous fact that I had no new break outs and that my face didn't have red blotches!!! (First day in 2 years). I am going to commit to your product and will be taking it with me when I go out on a 10-day field training exercise as part of a 30-day camp where the only method of washing up is baby wipes or rain. Thanks for creating this product for those who are not blessed with perfect skin.

B. McLaughlin - July 3, 2008 - Acne

Hands Are Completely Recovered

Linda J. Waruszewski of MI, Whitehall - Chapped Skin, Eczema

We have two sons with definite skin problems. Our eldest has eczema, most seriously on his hands. They were constantly cracked, open and bleeding, not to mention the pain. After eight months of using your skin cream his hands are completely healed. Continued use is keeping them from further irritation. Thanks

I Cleared Up Within One Week

I used to have eczema all over my hands and elbows. I started using your skin cream last May and I cleared up within one week. I use the cream everyday and enjoy trouble free skin.

Rubbie Anderson of MA, Acushnet - Eczema

This Stuff Really Works

I purchased the Aloe Vera lotion hoping it will help stop my eczema. I had this problem for almost a year, went to a doctor for it, nothing helped. After using this lotion for two days, the itching stopped and the skin feels much softer. This stuff really works.

Hanna H - Eczema

Great Improvement in One Day

My daughter has had eczema since she was 3 months old, all over her body. But the last few years she has mainly had it on her joints, between fingers, elbows and knees. Whilst visiting Las Vegas from the UK we tried a sample on offer. The next day there was a huge improvement which progressed. 3 days later we came and purchased some to take home.

Jane Pinder of UK - Eczema

Protection from Jock Itch

On your skin cream… The cream is good for so many things but I like it best for protecting my skin and taking the itch out of jock itch.

Ben of CA, San Jose - Jock Itch

I tried everything and this is what worked!

I tried several different hand creams, prescriptions and nothing every worked. I have a rash on my hands that would never go away. I tried this, walked away and later looked at my rash and it looked and felt like normal skin for the first time in seven years! Thank you. I'm sold!

Bryan Boland - Allergic Rash

Thank you for your wonderful product

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. After using it for 2-3 days on my son his rash has cleared up. We were frustrated when his pediatrician and dermatologist could not decide what it was and how to treat it. We ordered your product and now cannot live without it. I would love to know how to be able to offer this product to others and share the success stories I have personally witnessed and give them the opportunity to experience the same.

J Cholico - Allergic Rash

20 Year Old Rash is Gone

I have had a rash on my leg off and on for 20 years. This skin cream took away the rash in three weeks. It's great.

C. Boobo of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash

Helped Husband’s Rash

Joanne Meador of FL, Silver Springs - Allergic Rash

Your skin cream Corium 21 has helped my husband's rash on his legs. He has used it for only 7-10 days. This is the only thing that had helped him.

Allergic Rash Handled

While on holiday here in Las Vegas my skin was so dry due to traveling and air conditioning – I also developed a skin rash. I've used this aloe product and it really has helped such a lot with all of my problems, particularly the allergy rash which has been soothed by your product. Many thanks.

V. Milton of London - Allergic Rash

My Bad Rash is Gone

I had gone to a dermatologist 2 years in a row for a bad rash on my elbows. Not one medicine had helped. I got a bottle of your skin cream and within 2 weeks of using it 2 times a day it was completely gone. I thought it would be back but it has been 2 months and it has not returned! Thank you for the great product.

Cora Lynn Silo of CA Reno - Allergic Rash

Relief from Lupus and Arthritis!

JoAnn Warren of IL - Arthritis, Inflamed Joints, Lupus

I have Lupus, Arthritis (3 kinds) – Osteo, Inflammatory, Rheumatoid. I can feel an immediate difference when using Corium on my pain area. This is great! P.S. I felt relief right away on the pain area of my thumb! It penetrated right away!

Year Old Rash was Handled

T.L. Fielder of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Bed Sores Hello, I started using this lotion about 1 1/2 weeks ago on a rash that I've had for almost a year. I used the lotion on the red skin. After about 1 week I had no burning pain, and the swelling along with the redness are all going away. I also had a small area of red, dry and itchy skin which I also used the lotion on. That small area has been there for about 2 1/2 months. Nothing was working until I used this lotion. I really love this lotion. It is the only stuff I know now that will heal my extremely dry skin. Thank you.

Son’s Rash is Gone

Ajnur Ka of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Blisters

My 2 year old son had a rash for about a year and a half and we tried everything possible to cure him. We went to all the doctors we knew about the rash. I tried every cream possible and nothing helped. He was just scratching himself all the time and bled from the scratches. Once we tried your skin cream within 2 weeks his body looked like he never had a rash. Thanks

You Need to Try This

I used your cream due to a rash on my face. I put it on overnight and when I woke up my face was so smoothed. My sister and I were so surprised. I love your product. If you have dry skin you might want to get this cream.

Brittany Atwood of OK, Oklahoma - Allergic Rash

First Cream I Am Not Allergic To

Rose Register of TX, El Paso - Allergic Rash, Sunburn

I have been allergic to so many creams over the years that I've become very frustrated with them. I bought Corium 21 last year and I have returned for more. I use it on my whole body as well as my face, and it has been a great for relief for heat rash.

Rash Gone in 3 Weeks!

I am a 46-year-old woman. I have been battling an allergy rash on my face and forearms for about 5 years. The face rash has been occasional but the arm rash has been constant going from better to worse and back but never going away. Being in the sun always aggravated the rash. July of this year while at the Del Mar Fair I came across your booth. I purchased a small jar of Corium 21. After about 3 weeks the rash disappeared!!! I have spent hundreds of dollars on prescription and over the counter creams and medicines. This is the first one to make it go away! What a blessing it was to come across Corium 21.

Marilyn - Allergic Rash

It Clears up Diaper Rash

MJ Dishennett of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Diaper Rash

I live here in Las Vegas and love your cream. I have found that it clears up diaper rash in a snap!

Scar on Lips Fades

Stacey D. Her of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rashes, Canker Sores, Cuts

I had an allergic reaction to tomato juice that caused a scar just below my lip. After a week of using your skin cream the scar had faded. And after two more weeks my make-up now covers the scar very well and it is no longer noticeable.

Rosacea is Clearing

I received a sample of Corium 21 last night from my ex mother-in-law. I have 2 facial conditions, Rosacea and Belles Palsy (which is very painful at times).

I used the Corium 21 cream last night and the first thing this morning, cleansed my face, then put it on all over the facial area, applied my make up. I have to tell ya, this is the first time in 3 years since developing the Rosacea and Belles Palsy, that my face feels wonderful and looks great.

I cannot wait to see after an extended period of time how I'm going to look and feel. I've always said, "I wish I could find the miracle cure to fix my problems" and your product is off to a great start.

Thanks again.

C.D. of VT - Rosacea

Rash Was Gone After 2 Applications

This is a wonderful product. I had a rash on the back of my legs due to dry skin. I applied it only twice, the redness – itchy feeling was gone. I highly recommend this product.

Phillip Jackston of NC, Durham - Allergic Rash

The Discomfort Is Gone

…Just thought you might want to know… a friend purchased some of your product for me just before I entered the hospital for major surgery. As a result of the IV, the vein in my left arm became inflamed (according to the nurse, a case of phlebitis) and painful. I took it upon myself to rub your product in the area of inflammation and the discomfort has all but gone. Thank you!

Carol DeSena - Inflamed Joints

I Wish I Had Found This Sooner

Just a note to let you know how wonderful your Corium 21 is. I found your product at the Orange County swap meet and I was very skeptical.

I have some very bad scarring on my body due to plastic surgery. I had tried everything (i.e.: vitamin E, coca butter, and some very expensive lotions).

Then I tried your product and within 2 days I noticed a significant difference. Now I have been using Corium 21 for almost a month and my scars are at a basic minimum. I feel I should add that my scars are relatively new (7 months old).

I only wish I had found Corium 21 prior to my surgery so that I could have started the recovery process quicker. Thank you for your time and also this fantastic new product.

Anyone with any type of skin problem and/or scarring should buy Corium 21.

A Seigler -

It’s Absolutely Wonderful!

I had surgery in three areas. I found your cream at a fair in Las Vegas. I have almost no scars after using your products on the areas of my skin that were operated on. I love your product, it's absolutely wonderful!

Lena Byrd of MI, Battle Creek - Cuts

No More Scratching and Tenderness

I've used your skin cream on my large painful extremely itchy varicose vein. Within minutes, my leg felt great. No more scratching and tenderness – you have a wonderful product. Thank you. Happy Holidays!!

Carol Owen of UK - Itching Skin, Varicose Veins

Sunburn My Sunburn Did Not Peel!

I thought you'd like to know about an amazing experience I had when using your cream Corium 21. I got sunburn but it didn't peel! I went sunbathing and didn't use any sun lotion (or any other lotion that morning) because I thought I would rotate from back to front and turn my face. Also, I wanted to get a tan. I ended up with quite a sunburn on my face and a small sunburned area on my back. I used the Corium 21 that night, as usual. By the next day my face was very red and hot. I put the Corium 21 on my face about three times and again two or three times the next day. It felt very soothing. By the 3rd day I had a very nice tan and my face did not peel at all! I did not put any cream on my back and it did peel! In the past I would have looked awful with peeling skin for several days. I know the lack of peeling was entirely due to using Corium 21. Thank you for sharing this product with me. Love, Marilyn


I Was So Impressed

I am very pleased with the results I have obtained, noting rapid growth of new, healthy tissue in a relative short time. I was so impressed with the rejuvenating properties of your product that I recommended it to my physical therapist and several of her clients.

They were sufficiently impressed with the results I had to make several copies of my brochure so they can order the product as well. Further, I plan to demonstrate how well your product has done when I visit my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Balourdas of La Jolla, Ca, when I visit him next week.

In view of the excellent results I have received using your product, I am ordering two more 8oz containers of Corium 21 Skin Healing Cream in anticipation of surgery on my left hand in the very near future.

B Hickman of CA, La Jolla - Sunburn

It’s Just Crazy How Quickly This Helped Me.

I wanted to thank you so much for your Corium cream. It has helped me so much!

I naturally have very oily skin, and it's very hard for me to find a moisturizer or anything for my face that doesn't make me break out. I tried your cream, even though I've tried EVERYTHING else on the market. It cleared up my face, and now I can wear make-up and not break out from it.

I told my mom about it and she wanted to try it. She had really bad varicose veins, and not even a month later they were practically completely gone, and it's just crazy how quickly this helped me.

Thank you, my face looks and feels so much better. Now my mom and I order your products, and it's the only thing we use.

I just wanted to let you know we love it.

Annette Jenkins - Acne, Varicose Veins

Soft and Smooth Skin after Cuts

My name is Rhonda, I suffer from various skin conditions. I started using the product then introduced it to my brother. My brother delivers ice for a living and being in the constant water caused his hands to split and bleed. After use of the product his hands are constantly soft and smooth. Thank you.

Rhonda - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Rough Hands

I Finally Found Relief

Winona Miller of NV, Las Vegas - Cuts, Rough Hands

I just want to say that I finally found something that would work on my hands. They were so dry that they would bleed. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will be a returning customer for years and I will tell my friends.

Skin Feels Like New

Kelly P of VA, Norpik - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

I came from California to visit my husband in the US Navy – I never experienced such dry brittle, chapped skin – when I discovered your skin cream my skin looked and felt new, alive – thirst quenched! I am very excited to continue with the use of your skin cream.

Eased my Cracked, Sore Hands

Whilst visiting the US I skeptically purchased your product to ease cracked, sore hands… I had to contact you to simply say. "Thank you!". What a fantastic product! My hands have never been better…

Mick Blanche - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

Works when Expensive Products Didn’t!

Jane Sattari of CA, Pasadena - Chapped Lips, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

I have been using your skin cream for exactly one week. For the first time in 10 years I have soft hands. I thought my cracked hands were just age and no hope for reversing the process. My hands are now very much improved after using your product – so much that I am now using it on my face. It has helped my laugh lines more than my $70 and $80 department store expensive brands ever did. Thank you

Her Skin Felt Like a Reptile

I just wanted to thank you for sending me my order… My daughter had the worst dry skin ever, her skin felt like a reptile. I tried every brand name lotion and none worked, but with the use of Corium 21 her skin feels like silk. I will tell everyone about your great product! Thanks Again!!!!

Malia Quon - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

Where has this been all my life?

L. Meissner - Rough Hands, Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

I have been using the product for about a month. I had severe cracking around my nails and on my hands. Within a week the cracks were almost healed and after using it on my face, all the tiny wrinkles are disappearing and the lines around my mouth are gone. Dry hard skin as softened and I am on the top of the world. Where have you been all my life?

Thrilled with this Product

Sheila Holder of NV, Las Vegas - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Rough Hands

My husband's hands were so bad, he tried just about everything in creams that were on the shelves. His hands were cracking and cuts. This wonderful product Corium 21 has helped. Now his hands are starting to clear up and I'm back for my second jar. He is just thrilled with this product.

I would recommend this product for anyone.

Igne Roussseum of MN, Minneapolis - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

I do cleaning so my hands and feet get very rough. I have used your lotion now for only two days and my feet especially have really softened. The roughness on my fingertips has already gone, too. I would recommend this product to anyone.

This Cream is Miraculous

Paula Goldberg of PA, Newtown - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

My husband has "crocodile" hands because he has to wash them so often. We tried your cream and in 24 hours his cracked, dry hands were soft and smooth! Really – This stuff is miraculous.

Immediate Results with the Cream

Karal Gurdubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

We tried Corium 21 skin cream for the first time and were very amazed at its many different uses – from sore cracked feet to very rough hands. I had my son try some on his acne and it cleared up almost instantly.

My Skin Appears Healthy and Soft

This letter is to express my sincere thank you for creating the "Aloe Skin Healing Cream". It is amazing to me that finally, after searching and experimenting with many different lotions and creams, I found something that really works. The immediate difference on the dry scaly skin on my legs encouraged me to use it on the rest of my body. I have also started using it on my face with great results. I have very sensitive skin, especially on my face. At 47 years alive, I have been troubled with old looking skin. Thankfully, after using your product, my skin appears healthy and soft. God Bless You!!!!

I Easer - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

2 Days Gave Complete Relief

Sandy Hyads of IL, Champaign - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

My husband has been suffering from dry itchy skin. He has been to see a Dermatologist 2 years in a row. Using your skin cream has made a difference in just 2 days – more relief than what a doctor had prescribed in 2 years.

Canker Sores

Ivanhoe Brentheel of CA, Long Beach - Canker Sores, Cracked Skin

I've used your skin cream for a month now and it has done wonders for me. Really! I used it on my feet and it worked really well! Surprisingly, I tried it on my cold sores and it worked within days. I use it on my lips instead of regular balm. You only put it on once and it'll last all day. This product is very much recommended! It's all natural, that's why it works!

Bad Blisters on Feet

I was approached in a mall in Las Vegas in November. I tried the product and thought it might work… BOY did it! I have had very dry "cauliflower" heels for years. Many times my heals would split to the point they would bleed, just by WALKING on them. I used Corium 2x a day and within a few weeks they were as smooth as a baby's bottom!!!!! I have been battling this condition for more than 10 years and this is the ONLY product that has had any impact, let alone success. Keep up the good work!

Gail Dull - Blisters, Chapped Skin, Cuts

Made My Nightmare Disappear

Hi, My name is Kaye and I want to thank you for introducing me to this product. We got to Vegas Monday and I bought it then. My feet were any woman's worst nightmare, dry and cracked to the point of almost bleeding. I've used it for three days and my husband even notices how much softer they are. I love it and will buy more before I leave. Thanks Again!

Kaye of WA, Spokane - Blisters, Chapped Skin

Worth Every Penny

As a tourist to Las Vegas, my heels were cracked and bleeding and it made walking miserable. I put Corium on my heels (with the help of a wonderful saleslady, Irene) and in less than 10 minutes the cracks were already healing and the pain was going away. With 3 more applications last night to this morning I am ready for dancing!!! Well worth every penny!

Sara of AZ - Blisters, Chapped Skin

Chapped Skin Overnight Relief

I bought a jar of your skin cream the day I arrived in Las Vegas. After all the walking the first day, my feet were cracking. I used your skin cream that night and the next day I was back in shape for day 2. I later bought another jar of Corium 21.

Pauline Des of Alberta - Chapped Skin

Complete Results in One Week

J. Castage of NV, Las Vegas - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

My name is Lily and I had this skin condition for the past 5 years. My skin got very dry sometimes and itchy, and this is the best cream that I have been using so far, and I tried lots of them. After one week my skin cleared up completely. I cannot live without this product and I recommend it for everybody.

Happy Texas Customer

I was a little skeptical at first as I listened and watched others having the cream applied to their hands. However, the look on their faces after the application, and the difference I could see in the hand that had Corium 21 on it, from the one that did not was undeniable!

So, I stepped up to the front and had your sales rep put some on my hand. Oh my gosh! I have really dry skin (living in the dry area of West Texas – Midland) and the difference was incredible. I was so impressed that I went to find my wife and the other couple that was there and we all bought the product.

I have been using it on my face, hands and elbows for about 3 days and I am so very pleased with the results. I found your website today and am going to recommend your product to our friends. I just wanted you to know that you have a very happy customer here in Midland, Texas.

Terry Phillips of TX, Midland - Inflamed Joints

Couldn’t believe the Results!

I bought this product on 11/11/09. My husband and I used it soon after. He put it on his legs for dry skin and he has tattoos on his legs. We couldn't believe how it brought out the colors in the tattoos! It also helped with the dry skin. Great Product

Meredith Germana - Very Dry Skin

Paper Cuts Were All Better In One Day

Patrick Schazer of IL, Palatine - Bruises, Cuts, Very Dry Skin

This is my third time coming back to purchase your product. It is wonderful! I use it for dry skin, cuts and bruises. Paper cuts got all better in one day. I use it on my face, hands and feet. I have given it to friends many times and they love it. It is amazing. Thank you

No More Burning

I have red dry eyelids. I have tried everything to relieve the red, itchy burning. I have seen 7 doctors and have not found relief. I used Aloe Vera today and within a few minutes the burning was gone. Your cream is the Aloe Vera I used.

Betty Dhan of VA, Rowenoak - Itching Skin

Works Well on Dry Skin

Hi, I'm a second time buyer. This product may not cure all the ills of the world but it sure works on my dry skin!! Great Stuff.

A Danhoff of NV, Reno - Very Dry Skin

Broken Lesion Got Better Overnight

This cream healed my dry cracked skin. I had a broken lesion on my finger which healed overnight!! Thank you!

Josephine Muerti of PA - Very Dry Skin

Used on Broken Leg

Patricia Mohr of OR, Oregon City - Poor Circulation, Very Dry Skin

I had broken my leg and was in a cast for 6 weeks. When I got the cast off my leg and foot it was extremely dry and crusted. I used your skin cream on my leg and foot and in a matter of a few days I was back to normal. Thank you.

Finally I feel Relief

Buddy Jantoso of CA, Pittsburg - Blisters, Impetigo

I had been using various skin creams for my condition that were prescribed by doctors and which did not work. I found your cream at a fair, and when I started using it I immediately had relief and started to see the results. My skin is getting better and better. Thank you for inventing this product.

Nothing Else Works

Nothing else works like this product. I tried different products on the market when I ran out of this one but nothing else works like it. Thank you so much. I never want to be out of it again!

Anita Carter of CA, Del Mar - Rough Hands

Athletes Foot Completely Healed

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your product while visiting Las Vegas. I had on my skin what doctors described as Athletes Foot. I tried numerous over the counter and prescription products to no avail. After the first week of applying the cream once a day, I saw a difference. After 30 days the red & itching were gone. It has been almost 60 days, and it is almost gone completely. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful product this is, I use it everyday. Thank you so much.

S. Stites - Athlete's Foot

Cracked Skin is Soft and Smooth now!

Karen - Chapped Skin, Inflamed Joints, Sore Muscles

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your wonderful product Corium 21. It is so amazing! My dry, cracked, scaly hands, arms and legs are soft and smooth now. Your product actually does what is says it does. It also cleared up the white mystery bumps on my husband's hands. We love it

Puffy Skin is Gone

I love your Cream! I was in Las Vegas over Super Bowl weekend. I tried your product in one of the malls. I have used this product for 10 day now. My skin has improved 100%! I have gotten so many customers asking what I have done to make my skin look so beautiful. The puffy skin under my eyes is gone. Thank you

Janet - Chapped Skin, Varicose Veins

I can’t say enough about this product

Kathy Vogt - Allergic Rashes, Sore Muscles, Stretch Marks Corium 21 is the best product for skin. I have never had a problem since I started using it a few years ago. Corium 21 has helped my husband too. I can't say enough about the product. This is the only product that really works on my skin. I use it all over. My skin is soft from head to foot.  I have beautiful skin before I started and it helps even more after I used this product. I can't say enough about this product. All I have to say is all the other products I have used are junk. Thank you, Kahty Vogt  

Helped with Callouses

Ruth of CA, Los Altos - Canker Sores, Cold Sores, Very Dry Skin

I have ad feet and had actually had bunion surgery several years ago, which didn't really help one of my feet. Over the years, really bad painful callouses developed on that foot, and I was on the verge of getting a second consecutive operation when we came to Las Vegas and I tried and bought your skin cream. That was 6 months ago, and between using the cream every night, and getting a pedicure every 5 weeks – the callouses are gone and I'm walking comfortably. It works!

New Glow on my Face

For years I spent a fortune on expensive face products. I gave them all up and now only use your skin cream. I have received so many compliments on the new glow on my face. Also, my husband is very light skinned and loves the outdoors. With this product he is able to spend more time outdoors without worrying about skin damage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about protecting their skin.

Esy Ray of CO, Greeley - Rough Hands, Sunburn

Swelling Gone in 10 Minutes

Jessica of CA, Bakersfield - Bruises, Very Dry Skin

Hi. My name is Jessica and I live in Bakersfield, CA. I recently bought your product and immediately after purchase started using it. My feet were swollen that night after work and I put some of the cream on them and I felt a lot better 10 minutes later. The swelling went down and my feet didn't hurt as bad. I also use it on my hands and they are as soft as a baby's bottom. Thank you so much for a product that does what it says!

Clarity in my Skin

To Whom It May Concern: Your skin care has helped my skin to show an over all clarity. It heals blemishes and also clears up a bruise mark within a few days. I hope to continue using this great cream as long as possible.

V. Babock - Bruises

Big Results with Small Amount

We just purchased this cream yesterday and we love it! We used it just before going to bed and could really feel the difference in our skin this morning. What is so nice is that it is very concentrated and you only need to use a small amount and it's not greasy.

Darlene Smith - Chapped Skin

This Cream is the Best

I have tried a lot of creams, some far more expensive than this cream. This is the best! It really works.

Karen M of CA, Beverly Hills - Sore Muscles

Helps with Tough Sun Damage

Nancy Armour of AZ, Tucson - Rough Hands, Sunburn

I found the Aloe Skin Healing Cream in Tucson, AZ where I'm in the sun everyday playing golf. The sun as anyone knows is "tough" on the skin and the aloe is healing. I've been using the cream now for over a year and would recommend it to anyone. My sister-in-law is now with me and she just bought the large (8oz) jar after trying it just once. Try it, you'll love it!

Prevents Winter Damage

This works great! My dad bought it for me as I try everything for my skin. Your skin cream is the only thing that I have ever found that works in the winter. Believe me!

Beth Mimil of CO - Denver Sunburn, Windburn

Blisters Resolved in 24 Hours

While in Las Vegas I did a lot of walking in new shoes. I ended up with 2 large fluid filled blisters on both small toes. I used your skin cream and within 24 hours the blisters were resolved.

Jean Orlick of NY - Stottvilla Blisters

Laser Surgery no longer Necessary

Richard Carr of CO, Boulder City - Stretch Marks, Sunburn

I have lived in the Desert Sun (Las Vegas) 18 years and flown corporate jets out of here for 18 years. A sun damaged bald head was headed to the Dermatologist again. I started using your skin cream religiously on bad scaly spots and 3 months later the Dermatologist said that laser surgery was not necessary and to "keep doing what I was doing!"

Incredible Results with Sun Damage

Just wanted to let you know that I bought your product at a street fair. I recently started using it on my face and chest nightly and have seen incredible results in the fine lines on my face and my sun-damaged chest. I keep it refrigerated and it is like a dream putting it on at night before I go to bed. I am ordering more of this amazing cream and will not stop using it. Thanks!

Sherri K of CA, - Sunburn

Carded at 35!

I faithfully use your skin cream on my face and hands every day. I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's. In fact, I still get carded when I have a glass of wine. Actually I am 35 years old; my skin feels great and looks great! I recommend your skin cream to everyone! Try it. You'll love it too and look younger.

Wendy Escobedo of CA, Huntington - Very Dry Skin

76 y/o has Fantastic Results

Just a short note to let you know about the results my wife is having using Corium 21. My dear wife is 76 years of age and in the last few years her legs looked and felt like the hide of an alligator. Our daughter bought a jar of Corium 21 at the Del Mar Fair and gave it to us. I finally convinced my wife to try it a few weeks ago – and the results are fantastic! Color is coming back to normal and the scales are disappearing, legs are again silky smooth.

John E - Very Dry Skin

G.I. Loves it

I am in the military and came to San Diego, CA to be stationed. The water in California caused my skin to dry and my feet to chap. As a male you would expect not to worry about this skin condition. But since using your skin cream, I will never use anything else.

Ruben of CA, San Diego - Chapped Skin

Soft Skin in Texas

Lisa & Mickey Robertson of TX - Arthritis, Very Dry Skin

I tried the skin cream and loved it – I'm from Texas and my skin gets very dry – so after the application my hands felt very soft. Also my husband tried and loved it as well – he has arthritis and was able to bend and close his hand for the first time in a long time. We are very pleased!

Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom

On 1/23/02 I sampled your product. I could not believe the fantastic results it provided on my extra dry cracked skin. After just a few minutes the cream was so refreshing and my skin almost immediately began to feel softer and the cracked areas were not as painful. After two days the cracks had healed and my skin felt as smooth as a baby's bottom. There is no "perfume-ish" odor or greasy feeling and I am convinced beyond belief that your skin cream is all it claims to be and more.

Bob Hefner of OK, Tulsa - Very Dry Skin

No More Acne

This product is amazing! I have tried everything for the acne on my face and nothing worked for me. I tried this product one night only and in the morning I woke up and my skin was cleared up completely. I don't use any other creams or lotions anymore, just this product! I am so excited. Everybody should use it! I've come back for several more jars for my family.

Laila Uraiwan Rose of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

Using Corium 21 For 5 Years Now

I received your letter dated 4/29 welcoming me to the Corium 21 world. I”ve actually been a part of your world for about 5 years now. I first found you at my herb shop. Then I found you at our Del Mar or Southern California County Fair where I would buy what I thought would be a year’s supply.

I introduced it to my daughter and now two of us use the product. We love it! Lucky daughter…..at 23 years old she has years of a great product. At 57, I am playing catch up! hahahahaha

With two of us using the product we usually buy twice a year. Support the fair and then buy as Christmas gifts. I think knowing we have you, gives us more freedom to use it liberally on other parts of our body, not just our face.

Corium 21 works wonders after a day in the sun!

B. Pitcher of CA, San Diego - Very Dry Skin

Only Cream That Relieves Daughter’s Eczema

Hi Corium 21. Recently my son, daughter-in-law, and grand kids were here visiting in So. Cal., and that is when I first heard about Corium 21. My grand daughter has eczema all over her body. She has had it since she was a baby. She is now seven years old. Over the years her doctors have suggested many dozens of creams to control her eczema. Most of these creams were very expensive, and didn't work. I am not sure where my daughter-in-law heard about Corium 21, but it is the only cream that relieves my grand daughter's eczema symptoms. They have used Corium 21 for the last three years, and absolutely swear by it. It gives her a normal life. I also have had eczema since I was a teenager (on my fingers only). I am now using Corium 21 and I'm really impressed that it worked on me too. Thank you Corium 21. You now have a family of customers for life. Sincerely, Jerry W in So. Cal.

Jerry W of CA, Southern - Eczema

I’m Still Amazed With The Results

I discovered your cream at the local Home & Garden Show in Phoenix, AZ. I was skeptical at first as so many products claim to be a ‘miracle’ cream. I immediately started using it all over my body and putting it on the bottom of my feet at night, with socks, as my feet are always cracked and very dry. Within days, I noticed how soft my skin was - and what a difference in my feet. I’m still amazed how my body never feels greasy with this cream. I have been using it now for 3 months and I am still very happy with the product. Thank you Corium 21!

J. Villaverde - AZ, Phoenix Very Dry Skin

Keeps Eczema on my Fingers from Flaring Up and Heals Them

I was visiting San Diego last year and found your product. This stuff is AMAZING. Keeps excema on my fingers from flaring up. Fixes them if it does. Noticeable improvement on my face in regards to skin not being dry, nice even coloring, younger tighter looking skin and even the depth of beginning lines on my face are so improved I don’t even notice them anymore. And sunburn? what sunburn? If I get a little too much sun and then use this cream, by the time I wake up nothing but tan is left. I just can’t get enough of it. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I'm going to save up and start buying by the gallons!!.

Anonymous - Dry Skin, Eczema, Sunburn

No More Steroids!

N. Crawford - Allergic Rash, Blisters, Itching Skin

Since childhood I would break out in a itchy blistery rash on my hands and legs every year at springtime. It would continue through summer until fall when it would finally fade away. I also break out when touching certain garden plants. The only thing that would control it was a steroid cream and I used that for years, which of course thins the skin. I first tried Corium 21 after reading the testimonials of others and wondering if it could possibly help me too. It did! I haven’t used any steroid creams for several years, and now would not be without my Corium 21! I can't help but wonder why doctors wouldn't “prescribe” this wonderful natural product that is a much healthier alternative. This is one skin cream that is truly effective and has worked for me, and I am so happy to recommend it.

Rash is Completely Gone

I am so grateful for discovering Corium 21 from a long time trusted friend. I had a series of flared up bumps on my face for three months so I sought a dermatologist. My dermatologist prescribed me three types of face creams including internal medication. The bumps on my face never cleared after three weeks of use. Then I talked to a friend who recommended Corium 21. He said that he used it to treat a rash on his neck. After using other products he said that Corium 21 by far has been the best product on the market. He let me try it and in less than four days my rash was completely gone. Immediately after I called Corium 21 to place my order. To me this is a miracle product and you must try it for yourself to believe my story.

Carol Gamboa - Allergic Rash

Corium 21 has helped my Psoriasis

Just want to say what magic this cream is. My wife purchased the cream at a fair here in Tucson, Az. She put it in her bathroom shelf not to be seen for about 5 yrs. About 3 years ago I acquired psoriasis, a mild case, and started using lotions my Doctor had prescribed. Some RX were laced with steroids which could damage your skin, especially on your face. I stopped using them and started using Corium 21, after 1 week of using it, there is no sign of psoriasis on my face and knees. The itching has gone away. Thank you Corium 21 I am going to let my Doctor know about Corium 21 ASAP. Once again Thanks. Please post this in testimonials.

Oscar of AZ, Tucson - Itching Skin, Psoriasis

Glowing Skin in 5 Days

There is nothing that I could possibly say, do, give or write to your company that would even come close to adequately portraying my gratitude. This cream has single-handedly changed my life. About 3 years ago, at 24 years of age, I developed acne Rosacea. Beyond it being devastating, my eczema (which I have had my entire life) flared up as well behind my ears and on my neck. Any kind of lotion (no matter how gentle, organic, etc.) broke me out and made my skin (and depression) worse.

When I found your station at the local county fair, I was literally at my wits end. Within 5 minutes of speaking with the lovely saleswoman, I was in tears. Not only did I buy a big jar of it, I bought some for my 2 teenage sisters who are both suffering from body and facial acne. Within 5 DAYS of use, my skin was glowing. I was so happy, I would wake up in the middle of night and go to the mirror to make sure that it was really happening and this wasn't a dream. My skin looks like it is glowing from within.

Moisture has naturally regained, redness has subsided and all of the little bumps on my face are no longer there. My sister’s acne on her chest is gone and my other sister’s facial acne has dramatically improved. I cannot believe I was paying $100 for 1.7 oz of facial cream and it did nothing but make my symptoms worse!

Corium 21 has been heaven sent and after finishing one big jar and 3 months of consistent facial use – I can attest that this works! Please give it a try and get your life, happiness and sense of confidence back.

Michael of CA, Los Angeles - Eczema, Rosacea

Wonder Cream!

I had pancreatic surgery 3 weeks ago and have been using your product on my incision and the subsequent allergic reaction to the glue and steri strips. The site looks GREAT! And the best thing, is there is NO itch! I was given your product from a friend that tried it on on one of her gets and I am sold!!! I am now having my 12 year old daughter use it on her eczema and really dry skin patches and she is clearing up wonderfully! I will forever have a jar of this “wonder cream” in my home!

Allergic Rash, Eczema, Very Dry Skin

Skin cleared in 3 days!

Before this product my skin was not in good condition. I’m 14 years old and after 3 days my skin completely cleared up. I had bumps on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. I had to use makeup every day to cover it up. I am amazed how fast it worked. I recommend Corium 21 for others who have skin conditions such as acne, which is no fun. I’m really glad dad got this for me.

Camellia Stelle of CA, Los Angeles - Acne

Nurse Loves It

We have been using Corium 21 for many years and "love it". I am a nurse and carry a sample size of Corium 21 in my pocket. My hands become so dry from multiple washings and using Purell type hand sanitizers. Thank you for a superior product. I hope you never change the formula or go out of business.

Gail Pool - Very Dry Skin