Aloe Vera Cream: Spot the Difference with Age Spots

age spots

Nobody wants to get older. If only there really was a fountain of youth, because people these days seem to go to extreme lengths to stay looking young.

One of the more visible signs of age, besides wrinkles and gray hair, is age spots.

But before thinking of chemical treatments or expensive procedures to reduce these blemishes, think first about a high-quality aloe vera cream to nourish, moisturize and clear up your skin.

What are Age Spots?

As a person ages, age spots are those brown patches that appear on the hands, legs, arms, neck, and face. They aren’t dangerous; they just interrupt the complexion. Even if a person can minimize wrinkles, those spots are a giveaway about age.

They are almost always a legacy of sun exposure over the years. A little pigmentation in the skin can be a protective measure against damage happening in the deeper layers, but those dark blotches – called hyperpigmentation – tend to make people self-conscious.

People with freckles are especially at risk because their spots can easily darken after years of exposure to the elements.

Aloe Vera Cream Provides Natural Help

aloe vera cream

People will do many things to keep their skin looking younger and fresher. Some of the measures get a little extreme, like cosmetic surgery. Some are expensive, such as laser treatments and big brand cosmetics. Other efforts are just nasty, like bleaching creams and chemical peels.

Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream is soothing, easy to use, non-toxic, and is loaded with the natural properties of the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera has been used for centuries for many skin conditions, including age spots.

There is no secret or a special way to apply Corium 21 and no complicated equipment. Just put it on and gently massage it in to nourish your skin.

After all, aloe vera was given as a gift to deceased pharaohs and was even part of the embalming ingredients for mummies. The Egyptians must have known something.

Age Spots Can Sneak Up – Act Now!

Portait of a young and an old woman.

Being sun smart during our younger years is the key to preventing or minimizing the onset of age spots around the age of 40 to 50.

Because we can’t see them starting to happen until it’s too late, it’s easy not to think about them in those earlier years. After all, we feel invincible when we’re younger. Things like aging skin aren’t a big deal when we’re looking good right now.

Be Safe and Be Smart About Age Spots

Of course, if a spot changes shape or shade, do the smart thing and get it checked by a dermatologist.
Looking younger doesn’t need a complex or expensive routine. Drink water, eat well, be sun smart, and apply aloe vera in one of its many beneficial forms.