Cuts and Scrapes

Knee scrape

Dealing with a minor cut or scrape is mostly just common sense. Small cuts and scrapes typically will heal without medical intervention.

But if the cut gets infected, you should see your local physician.

Here is a simple routine you can follow…

The first thing you need to do is stop the bleeding.

To do this, gently hold a soft, clean cloth against the wound for several minutes. How long depends on how much bleeding is occurring. You may need to keep pressing the cloth for a longer period of time to get the bleeding to stop.

Once the bleeding has stopped, if there are small particles of dirt or debris on or around the cut or scrape, you will need to very gently remove those particles.

You can clean a cut or scrape by gently running warm water over it for several minutes, then carefully apply soap to the area around the cut and rinse clean.

Once all the bleeding has stopped and the cut or scrape has been cleaned and is dry, you can apply a bandage, soft gauze or other standard bandage material to the cut. You may want to apply some antibiotic spray or ointment around the cut or scrape before applying the bandage. This can help prevent infection.

Again, if the cut or scrape does shows signs of infection, you should see your physician for medical treatment.

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