Razor Burn

What to Do for Razor Burns, and How To Avoid Them

shaving leg

You shave to make your skin look better — smooth, hair-free, sleek.

So the last thing that you want is to whisk the razor over your legs and raise up ugly red bumps.

Unfortunately, a lot of women do just that when they shave incorrectly.

Some women only put soap on their legs, bikini line and/or armpits and then shave over it which leaves their skin feeling dry and covered in red bumps. This is known as razor burn.

“Razor burn happens when skin becomes irritated during shaving. Dull razors, a sensitivity to shaving cream — or not using shaving cream at all –

– and pressing too hard with the razor can all contribute to burns and bumps.” [From an article on Livestrong]

Razor burn can be hard to get rid of but there are many steps you can take to deal with it and possibly prevent it from happening again.

Shave after you bathe. Next time you shave, give irritated skin a break by making sure that it’s well-hydrated before you graze a razor over it. [Excerpts from an article on Good Housekeeping]: “….experts advise hanging out in the shower or bath for about 15 minutes before you start shaving — this will soften the hair and open up follicles.”

Drop the soap. “Lather up your legs with a moisturizing shaving cream to make sure the razor glides easily over your skin, and you’ll avoid nicks and cuts.” “…skip the bar soap. It doesn’t create enough lubrication for a razor to slide easily against your skin, which can up the odds of cuts,” dermatologist Ellen Gendler, M.D.”

Shave it down. “On your first pass, only shave in the direction your hair grows (down the leg), and if you have very sensitive skin, don’t shave upward at all. While going “against the grain” may get you a closer shave, it also increases the possibility of irritation, nicks, and cuts. ”

Lubricate skin after you shave. A moisturizing body lotion will help reduce dryness and itchiness after shaving.

“I was experiencing dry red irritated skin on my legs and tried every product on the market. My husband was strolling down and stopped by your kiosk for a small sample. I tried it on my legs and was amazed. Within minutes my legs stopped itching and the redness faded. My skin is so soft and smooth. Thank you!” – M.M.

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Witch Hazel. Witch hazel is not only a tonic for the skin but an antiseptic that alleviates razor burn irritation. Wet a cotton swab or pad with a liberal amount and wipe it over the affected area for quick relief. Use right after shaving to prevent bumps before they start.

Aloe Vera. Long lauded for its cooling qualities, aloe vera is great in gels and lotions as well as straight from the plant. Simply dab on some aloe vera gel twice a day for three days. Use the pure aloe vera that’s available in a bottle or get a plant stalk from the supermarket or plant nursery for best results. Another alternative is to use a cream or lotion that contains aloe vera.