The best vitamins for your hair

Now that you are taking good care of your skin with Corium 21, you should also take good care of your hair. Here’s an article on the best vitamins for your hair.

Whether you are suffering from hair loss or a bad haircut, waiting for hair to grow can definitely be frustrating. Do you find yourself wishing for a miracle cure that would help your hair grow faster? While there is no one specific pill you can take that will grow your hair back overnight, the good news is that there are vitamins good for hair. Check out this list of the best vitamins for hair as consuming these on a daily basis could result in longer and healthier hair.

  1. Biotin – This is known as the hair vitamin. This vitamin promotes hair growth and it helps prevent dry, brittle hair. A must-have on that list of good vitamins for hair.
  2. Vitamin E – Not only is this vitamin good for skin, but it also aids in preventing and even reversing hair loss thanks to the ability to increase circulation to the scalp. In addition to consuming it, you can also apply this vitamin directly to the scalp to help with hair regrowth.
  3. Prenatal Vitamins – You do not have to be an expectant mother to reap the benefits of these. Prenatal vitamins are packed with nutrients beneficial for hair growth. According to Dr. Michael Roizen of Cleveland, Ohio, prenatal vitamins for hair growth should contain a combination of nutrients, which includes Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin B6.

Now you will never have to wonder what are the best vitamins for hair growth. All of these vitamins for hair can be purchased at your local drug store and if you can get yourself into the habit of consuming them daily, you will have longer hair sooner than you think.