When Sunburn Sizzles, Remember the Aloe Vera Cream


Summer is here! That means you and your family must be sun smart.

Nobody likes a sunburn, so we should do what we can to prevent it. But it’s always good to have some high quality aloe based moisturizer on hand should sunburn strike.

How Aloe Vera Cream Can Help With Sunburn

With any kind of burn, putting out the “fire” is the first step. Then comes the need to repair the damage. You might think your body will do the work for you, but sometimes it acts too slowly to relieve the pain and ugly peeling.

First take a cool shower or bath. Really give the cool water a good chance to ease that burn immediately.

Man with a sunburn

After you pat yourself dry – don’t rub dry or it will sting like crazy – start applying aloe vera cream like Corium 21 liberally. The cream will feel cool on your skin and the aloe vera in it is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Reapply several times on the first day at hourly intervals. Let it sink in a bunch of times. The cream will assist with the discomfort while the aloe vera will get the chance to send in multiple waves of reinforcements. Allowing your skin to dry out will not help. Moisture is needed to smother a burn.

Sleep with sheets made from natural materials. Cotton is ideal. And drink plenty of water.

Ultraviolet Radiation and Hot Sunshine are Not the Same Thing

It doesn’t have to be hot for the UVs to pack a punch. You can get a nasty burn on a cloudy day.

You cannot feel the UV rays on your skin, therefore ultraviolet intensity has little to do with how hot the day is. It’s easy to be fooled by different conditions. And easy to be scorched.

Pack Aloe Vera Cream When You Travel


Going on vacation? Not only do you need to pack the sunscreen, but also the after-sun cream. Every place you go has different sun and UV conditions which makes it hard to judge how quickly you might burn.

If you travel to a tropical destination, the sun will definitely be more intense and harmful. Or how about if you travel to the southern hemisphere where skin cancer rates are higher?

People from the northern hemisphere almost always underestimate what it’s like south of the equator and ignore the warnings that the UVs are much, much stronger in the south.

So many have traveled to Australia and New Zealand expecting the sunshine to be the same as home, only to be scorched deeply and severely on the very first day.

If You Don’t Do the Smart Thing, Aloe Vera Cream Will

Of course, it is best to avoid sunburn by staying in the shade during the most intense hours, while also wearing sunscreen, a hat, a shirt and sunglasses. But should you be sizzled like a hotdog on the grill, you need nature’s aloe vera power in a soothing and moisturizing cream. Keep it on hand during summer and on vacation to help ease the painful, drying and aging effects of sunburn.