Your skin and you. The bodies many skin types.

Aloe vera cream

From infancy to old age, from acne to dry skin, your skin is constantly changing.

Aloe Vera is Gentle Enough for Babies and Children

A baby has the most beautiful skin. We all want that complexion. Yet, baby skin is incredibly delicate and sensitive. With only natural ingredients, and without the nasty chemical ingredients, Corium 21 is safe and gentle enough for a baby. It’s great for diaper rash and also for bonding time during a massage on the change table.

As a child grows older, aloe vera cream is still the gentle go-to lotion for moisturizing, applying to cuts and
insect bites, and for after-sun soothing.

Aloe Vera Cream Moisturizes Dry Skin

Mother and daughter applying face cream

Some people have naturally dry skin, while others tend to experience dryness during winter or in harsh climates. Aloe vera cream has the natural properties that hydrate skin without giving it a greasy feeling.

Corium 21 contains niacin which is an important agent for helping skin retain moisture. The power of aloe is also helpful on patchy skin and for easing the itchiness of conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Oily Skin and Acne Need Aloe Vera, Too

The numerous artificial remedies for oily skin and blemishes often produce disappointing results. Sometimes they merely disguise the problem instead of helping. The wrong product or makeup can make the issue continue or even make it worse.

The big cosmetic companies may claim to lead the way in treating these problems, but they have also been implicated time and again in using weird, even unethical, ingredients as well as charging customers an arm and a leg.

Moisturizing with aloe vera cream

On the other hand, aloe vera cream costs way less and can be just the thing for bringing nutrients and balance back to the skin. Aloe can be a great helper in taking the angry redness out of acne blemishes and easing the clogging oil production that causes them. When your skin is shiny with oil, simply wash with a gentle cleansing agent and apply Corium 21. The aloe vera and other natural ingredients will assist your sebaceous glands (small glands in the skin which release oil to lubricate skin and hair follicles) to be less active in producing oil.

Aloe Vera Against Aging

We can call wrinkles “laugh lines” or “character lines” if we like, but the fact is we all get older and everyone’s skin loses elasticity in the process. How quickly skin ages can depend on genetics but also on skin care earlier in life. Being sun smart when younger and using aloe vera cream daily throughout life could be just the way to delay the inevitable. Remember that peaches and cream baby complexion?

Aloe vera is nicknamed the “plant of immortality”, so people like the Egyptians, in their harsh and dry climate, must have known something centuries before modern science and cosmetics.

Applying Corium 21 can help replenish collagen levels for those fine lines around the eyes and mouth. It also has allantoin to stimulate healthy tissue growth, antioxidants to guard against free radicals, a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as extracts from the plant of immortality.

From cradle to grave, aloe vera cream is safe, gentle and effective for all types of skin.